Monday, 3 September 2018

The translated Deaf Self

Maybe should have the sub-heading 'my life as a dependent on others?' What constitutes a 'Deaf Life'? time spent as deaf? time spent as a signing person?  How many deaf schools/clubs they went to?

E.G. I know many deafened people deaf for over 40 odd years, older than some in this video, who don't use translators, simply because there aren't any for non-signers.  I rather suspect these type of blogs are more about rejoicing in being a born deaf signer with a perceived culture than anything else, who don't have other options or even some who don't want any other options.

It doesn't cover or even attempts to, the issues/needs of most deaf with an inability to sign, or simply not wanting sign language.  To us as deafened people making a life-long dependence part of what you are, seem pretty sad to me.  Do they not want independence at all?  Is reliance just propping up culture imaging?  The Vid lacks access for others too, I don't see what the point really is other than a wider communication ability is not one part of it.

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