Wednesday, 12 September 2018

'Tree House' site taken down.

It's taken some time, to see this happen, but it was reduced to 2/3 posters only and could not cope with the diverse/ contention views of commentators.  It deteriorated it into a ya-boo situation, which is the fate sadly of most UK deaf/hoh social media sites that attempt to include all views, it attracts extremists who want to dominate and bias output, whose posters then go at moderates.

Much in retrospect was done with naivete and wasn't able to cope with more direct points being made, TH tried to revert to the 'social angle' and people got banned, bored, or left as a result.  Most deaf UK sites on social media tend to be avoided for good reason, as either minor enclaves of mean-wells or direct bias, or some sort of old deaf pals club, it is a toss-up between earing wax removal options and rabid BSL only areas, we are just losing interest in them.  

Rank and file have abandoned them and just use mobiles to each other.  Frankly, there is no way to be social or debate an issue on these sites. They are unable to include diversity, and none have a moderator who knows what they are doing much.

We include one comment from ATR itself who was a member there, (Which at the start was a great site to be with), and included one of the issues Sara faced, (Taken from the AOHL main website forum 2015..).  We had respect for Sara but she faced a lot of bad posts and wasn't able to cope with it all. We felt she excluded the only people making real points in the end.  She treated most of us OK, but it just deteriorated to meanderings about wandering around stately homes, or entirely London based postings by 1 person and 1 venue ads only.  I believe she thought to raise issues on a peaceful level but was ill-prepared for their vociferous diverse views that ensued and her health suffered.  I thought TH had already closed.

"Yes it was a great pity the TREE HOUSE facebook page had to complain about much of the SignVideo output being inaccessible via titles. HI/deaf were not getting dual/equal access, only signed access... making viewing pointless. 

This site (Tree House), is now targeting ALL BSL video output that is not captioned as not adhering to the spirit of deaf access fairly. It's no good AOHL joining the TV campaigns on subtitling whilst ignoring public health awareness output. The ATR blogger had also complained at length to Welsh council/health/NHS public informational videos being also inaccessible via subtitling, with BSL interpreters being an active part of the exclusion process. 

If deaf awareness doesn't start with them, where does it ? Why hasn't AOHL Cymru taken this issue to task ? Carmarthen local Authorities are continually abusing our access with their help."

That post however atypically triggered a lot of nastiness from the BSL activist sector who accused Tree House, ATR, and its members of discrimination and anti-deaf rhetoric. Which of course was ridiculous.  They were debating equalities of access provision, what Sara wanted. However, it DID have the desired effect intended by those extremes of bringing down the deaf and HoH moderate view.

Tree House has now finally been felled, sad.  I have good memories at the start of it.  To list the deaf social media sites to be avoided would probably include 80% of them, it's really a poor situation for anyone deaf who wants to know what is really going on.  In effect, it has driven them away from wanting to know, giving the extremes free reign...

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