Friday, 26 October 2018

Disabled? Diferently abled? whatever!!!


What wasn't identified is the sole area to blame for labels and perceived 'norms', the activists of the cultural signing minorities who use culture as a blunt tool/means of penning deaf people into a community of inequality and to  'adopt the position' as defined by them.

All that alongside of the nonsense of Deafhood and pseudo-academic and unfounded claims of rights and language are just a few other things that are gross distortions of fact and not any priority amidst most of us.  By far, most rank and file people with deafness and hearing loss, are frustrated at the direction of awareness these people are relentlessly flooding online with that bear little or no relation as to who we are, what we need, real awareness of what we use, or recognition of ourselves as individuals, and not a collective, hell-bent on living in some parallel universe as some weird idea or real independence enabled by a lifetime of reliance on others whilst undermining our support at the same time.

They are banking on the majority remaining silent because if they weren't deaf culture would cease to be in its present form.  It is always welcome to see an image of a deaf person that doesn't start with sign language too, as this image is one many deaf activists are trying to bury and suggest is a minority when it is the actual majority.  They work on the basis those who don't sign are against deaf people or are even those hated 'Oralists'.  We DON'T hate people who can speak, we don't hate people who don't sign, we don't attack others who use alternative or medical interventions.

Because we respect choices and realities.  The fact few real choices yet exist enables these outcasts to thrive, but that won't always be the case.

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