Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Get a CI and don't be a state liability....

She is fortunate she doesn't live in the western world, most of her terminology would have her in the stocks and in total opposition to deaf cultural people.  CI's are great but don't undermine the people who need them.

More than 250 million people around the world are suffering from hearing loss and deafness. When it comes to Madhya Pradesh, 50-100 cochlear implants take place in a month. 

Against this, double the number of patients wait for their turn. After addressing an awareness programme at a local hospital, cochlear implant specialist Dr Shenal Kothari highlighted this concern while talking to media persons on Tuesday. She said it is a myth that cochlear can be implanted in children only. 

“We operate upon old people too to help them in hear well,” said Dr Kothari who has conducted the highest number of cochlear implants in the state. “I have treated a patient who complained of deafness at 50. After cochlear implant, she is living a normal life. Similarly, the implant of a 10-month old baby was also done,” Dr Kothari said. The best age for administering implant to a dead (?!) child is 2 to 4 years but can be done in adults at any age. Dr Kothari appealed to parents to see a doctor when their infants do not respond to their voice and call. 

“Hearing loss is not only related to listening to sound but also affect the life of patients socially as hearing gives the power of recognition as well,” she said and added, “A large number of children remain deaf due to lack of financial support. Philanthropists and donors should come forward to help these children so that they don’t become a liability for the nation.” 

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