Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Health support for Deaf and HoH ignored.

Letter: Deafness at bottom of NHS priorities list, Picture: PA WIRE
The result of Deaf insisting they aren't disabled.  Then it doesn't qualify them for help to manage it, be careful what you wish for?

Almost every week we hear the NHS has increased spending for smokers, drinkers and obesity clinics (some of these symptoms can, with a dose of will-power, be dealt with by the individual), while cutting services for others. 

Deafness is the disability that is at the bottom of the queue as far as priorities go. I believe you don’t qualify for a Blue Badge for your vehicle, but people who don’t drive obtain one just for sitting in a vehicle while someone else drives them around. 

Some disabilities are entitled to a reduced fee TV licence. Losing one’s hearing IS a disability. It’s about time deafness had more consideration in the NHS. 

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