Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Stop Hearing Teaching ASL!

Maybe stop them learning too? But that would mean no deaf get support who use ASL... and deaf children failing to get an education. Practically the deaf community hasn't the teaching staff or qualified people to go it alone, this old chestnut was mooted in the UK and dropped for that reason.

Creating demand for deaf teachers with English backgrounds wasn't possible. The issue with Deaf teaching sign is it is done without the 'hearing experience' which would make it effective, and who can bridge the issues of grammar, which the Deaf refuse to do!  Any class would be held via a Terp defeating the point as hearing tend to gravitate to hearing. aka the terp. 

Successful deaf tuition would rely on deaf teachers having speech and wide knowledge of hearing people.  You can't approach education from a remote standpoint when you are trying to address areas outside it.  Note:  you can not make deafies out of hearing people.... And deaf teachers lack the bilingual qualification to teach the awareness of ASL (Or BSL for that matter).  For sign language or culture to carry to the mainstream you need the hearing input or it would deteriorate into activist lecture and seminar.

Can deaf pass a teaching exam bilingually?

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