Wednesday, 10 October 2018

The battle goes on...

Related imageBut is the war already lost? (ATR's delving into current social media issues and comments.)  This week why aren't the deaf or disabled a united force?

#1 We need to stop fighting each other, divide and rule which is the state welfare and care approach to need and which isolates has meant we are all less tolerant even of each other with a disability.

#2 Their strategy appears to be working well! While people are scared and vulnerable they will go at getting the best for themselves or try to. The emergence of 'no one size fits all' or that ambiguous 'each according to need' gig, means no unity of approach either, we need to form the collective approach, in the long or short run '2 heads are better than 1'. 

#3 We are being picked off by bias and fear (those of us who do stand up). If the term 'we' is used then that will invite opposition from others, (No-one speaks for me.), etc.  Even established disability groups will attack their singular own who dare to 'speak in their name'. Terminological warfare used by the more able to oppress the lesser ones but who use the same terminology to endorse it.  Crazy doesn't even begin to cover it,  some sort of 'acceptable discrimination policy' against own peers fuelled by differences that should not matter at all.

#4 You need to get to grips in what holds us back, in short, we (!) are doing it to ourselves. 

#5 Aren't charities there to help?

#6 They are solely concerned with 'help/support' not to lobby, just occasional 'concerns' about how lack of care affects their situation, not ours.  The state holds them in check by allocating funds selectively.

#7 True, continuing that concept means they won't back any sort of independence from it or they would cease to exist. Even the horror that is the welfare system is geared to isolate you so you cannot call upon the help you need. Then we saw charities signing a declaration not to criticise those who abuse us in case their funding was withdrawn.  Attacking that concept invited charities attacking you for 'undermining the help they provide..'

#8  We (Are all in it together), need to get back to mass action/inclusion and stop acting as if we are the only people with an issue. Because alone we cannot win.  10m with an issue and 10m individuals tearing own hair out? and jealous if someone else gets something they don't?   What purpose does that serve?  We have the means we have the people, what we don't have is the will to unite.  Exactly what the UK state wants. (That and ridding the United Kingdom of its disabled).

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