Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Deaf man ‘let down’ by police..

Adrian Cracknell, not pictured, felt feels let down by police. Picture: Archant
Why are deaf surprised there is no 24/7 cover for a BSL user?  When it takes 2 weeks to get one for a Dr?

 A deaf man from Norwich says he has been “let down” by police after no interpreters were available to help him after an attack. 

Adrian Cracknell, of Long Road, was thrown to the ground whilst walking in Wensum Park. Once on the ground, the attacker tried to take his wallet.  He did not hear his attacker approaching because he is profoundly deaf and uses British Sign Language (BSL). Mr Cracknell was able to fend off the attacker who got away without stealing anything.

The 66-year-old was “badly shaken”, bruised and left with a cut on his arm after the incident on August 5. Mr Crackwell’s neighbour took him to Bethel Street Police Station to make a statement, but on arrival, there were no BSL interpreters. Mr Cracknell said: “When I arrived at the station and the police hadn’t been able to get an interpreter I felt bad and very upset.

“I need an interpreter, I have to understand what is happening and to explain what happened to me.”  Mr Cracknell had to communicate with officers by writing down everything down. But this was still a struggle as English is not his first language as he has spent most of his life using BSL.

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