Monday, 25 June 2018

Deaf-Blind Awareness week...

Transcript / Visual Description: 

Short Video of Heather Quayle jumping down onto floor from indoor rock climbing. Short Video of Heather driving a Landrover off-road. Short video of Sophie Nanthabalan (Deafblind Ushers lady signing ) My family pick up bit by bit by bit and learn more. Glen Tamayo (Deafblind Ushers man signing) One time I was using my cane and I accidentally hit another man in the face! 

Hi everyone my name is Heather Quayle (finger spells her full name ) Next week is Deafblind awareness week. I am Deafblind myself and next week I plan to upload different videos onto my Facebook page. The videos you will see are that of my Deafblind friends from all over the UK as I’ve been busy flying here, there and everywhere to get these clips. The videos will show a brief insight into their lives, their different activities and their views of being Deafblind. You will be able up to watch, read and learn about Deafblindness. 

I grew up with a Deafblind father and my Auntie was also Deafblind so for me, my life was pretty normal seeing and being in the Deafblind world. It’s funny though when sometimes you step into the Deaf community or meet a Hearing person and they’re surprised as they’ve never experienced meeting a Deafblind person before. So that’s why the clips this coming week are to show you the differences in Deafblind people and make it easier and clearer to understand. 

Next week whenever you are watching the different video clips please can I ask if you have any burning questions or perhaps you feel embarrassed to ask or think it’s an inappropriate question or it’s discriminatory please have the confidence to ask as I’m happy to answer any questions. Remember it’s Deafblind awareness week so it’s your opportunity to ask me for more information. I hope you all enjoy watching the upcoming clips next week. Bye bye (Heather waves goodbye)

What's in a term?

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Where is the actual 'Hard Of Hearing' Access? (How access campaigns distort communication needs.)  Does BSL and deaf equate with Hard of Hearing?  The BDA did not state the Hard of hearing access was there, only that its own estimate was that 7.000 Scottish DEAF wanted access via BSL).  Yet, the Deaf refused to support captioning of the UK parliament, via 'who cares what councillors or politicians say)?  

It will be interesting to read if Scottish deaf log in for their BSL access.  interestingly a mother of a deaf CHILD, welcomed the access, (they start 'em young up there!),  she substituted deaf for 'hearing difficulties' so confusion reigns, the terminology is redundant, and bias/chaos rules.  Maybe the BDA can tell us how many Hard of Hearing in Scotland actually rely on BSL?  Or even if the BDA represents Hard of Hearing at all?

Moray Council becomes first in Scotland to broadcast meeting with sign language.  A council meeting in Moray will be the first in Scotland to be accompanied by sign language. The council’s communities committee will meet tomorrow to discuss its sign language policy, and an interpreter will be on hand to make sure that residents with hearing problems don’t miss out on the debate.

Vice-convener of the committee, Theresa Coull, is a proficient user of British Sign Language (BSL) as she has a 40-year-old daughter who is deaf. The Keith and Cullen councillor yesterday demonstrated the form of communication in a video for the Press and Journal’s website, as she welcomed the move.

Mrs Coull said: “As a mother of a deaf child I’m delighted that BSL will be used for the first time to translate the council meeting to the deaf and hard of hearing. “This will be of huge benefit to those with hearing difficulties, as it will keep them updated with council matters.

“The deaf and hard of hearing have much to contribute to this area and should not feel that they are being left out. “We really hope that they will contact us with their opinion of the service or any ideas they would like to share.”  The sign language translation will be captured on video using the council’s webcast system, which can be watched live from 9.30am tomorrow or anytime from the day afterwards.

Helping with hearing loss advice