Saturday, 30 June 2018

The UK's NHS (Aged 70).

Not usually a great fan of the charity that produced this, but, I'd really like to see more promotion of those with hearing loss and deafness that DON'T sign at all, and their issues made more prominent. The neglect of the majority who are deaf and with hearing loss is a scandal, we aren't seeing their issues raised at all because it is being swamped with minority BSL issues instead and biased distortions of need.  

There is life beyond the sign, believe it.  The only niggle is AOHL focussing on things/alleviation/medical, not the people, they need to take a leaf out of the BSL book and let us see those. 10m WILL get their entitlement that way.  Yes the old AOHL/RNID were indeed, groundbreakers in pushing our rights years ago, but, now they don't, that's the problem because they went into the care business, and shop sales approach instead and had to sign a non-critical response clause to bad support from the state in order to get funds, as did other major charities.  

AOHL has shown they have that capability, so why aren't they using it to counter huge discriminations against us? and the recent NHS approaches of limiting testing, issuing hearing aids, waiting until you are deaf before giving you an aid, then today banning ear grommet provision putting children at risk of further hearing loss and even deafness, isn't telling it how it really is.

The cost of going deaf is far far higher than addressing it day one. The astronomical costs of supporting deaf and those with hearing loss, in work, in education, and with aftercare, is higher than supporting other disabled areas. In employment the highest UK support cost.  It is totally a false 'economy' to cut research, hearing aids, and implantations.   You just create more deaf people with more reliance on others.