Sunday, 1 July 2018

New Deaf Centre in Preston.

The deafness centre helps those are hard of hearing Pic: soitiki
A place for deaf people in Preston to receive help and advice has opened in the city centre.

Lancashire Deaf Services has taken premises in Cannon Street. An open day for the public to discover more about what the service does is being held on Thursday (4 July) from 12pm to 3pm. The hub building will be home to the Lancashire Rose Care Service, Sign Communications North West, Sign phone, Sound Solutions and more.

Managing director of the deaf service Doug Alker said: “Over the past years, the situation of deaf people has been severely challenged through cuts in the public service and by inappropriate contracting out by some authorities, which has resulted in having a serious effect on deaf people’s ability to be involved in society.

“The intention is to link up with Preston City Council, Lancashire County Council, the various Health Authorities, the University, and local companies. “The formal launch of the service will allow us to work with the local community to move forward to enabling social inclusion of deaf people of all ages and degree of

Censoring Deaf access?

Discussions on this TV program and deaf access brought out 2 differing views on deaf access. (*888 is UK subtitling access format for the deaf on TV media).

Poster (1) Ah! We're talking about a programme called Q u e e r Eye. For some reason, this has been rendered into ***** Eye * Ironically the article is about the censorship of subtitles on the programme in question. We've visited this problem before.

We want all of it. All the time. Every word. Clear? AND NO CENSORSHIP ON THE FORUM!

Poster (2) It's not often I disagree about censorship, I censor my blog, my social media, emails etc...but the fact remains we are entitled to be able to moderate some stuff out, to prevent bullying etc.  AOHL censors/moderates here they had to, to prevent spammers zeroing the forum. However, the nature of 888 TV access entails we have NO way of moderating output that we may feel is offensive.  I think 'go away if you don't like it', is no choice either.  

The other aspect is who is watching, it isn't just adults who can ignore and manage things they see, but children who get influenced by it.  The nature of TV contention is that simply by putting up a warning first they feel they are exempt from the output content after.  A few have found that belief very costly.  In an ideal world, we can all manage whatever media throws at us, but most can't, and some deaf are disadvantaged in they don't really know what is an acceptable social-hearing norm either.  

Deaf can take things literally too and don't see context as well as hearing do.  We live in a snowflake generation where objecting to everything and anything for the sake of it is rapidly becoming a norm, this clouds issues further.  It's hard to BE a discerning viewer.  I'd like to see an edit option so we can block certain words and phrases.  People may well feel they have a right to be sworn at 24/7, or be bombarded by issues they don't agree with, I wouldn't.

* (On a charity forum), which probably has 'keywords' that are actively blocked.  My local paper blocks Bum, vagina, porn, penis, and 65 other words, the BBC has 100s.... Sadly I cannot get that to work on my blog by blocking D/d or any mention of Paddy Ladd!  No-one likes censorship but it makes us safe to some degree, which is better than none.

Of course Deaf. Read highly censors what can and cannot be printed and by whom. It's just what individual moderators feel they find acceptable, so we do need a norm of some kind.  Bias is one norm we could address but won't.