Saturday, 14 July 2018

Is the term Disabled Offensive?

People who keep inventing new terms or bias are offensive, but the disability definition is a medical one based on the undeniable fact other people don't have YOUR Issue, or you have developed an issue yourself.

In respect of the latter, loss defines disability probably more, than being born with an issue does, because those areas have always had that same experience, it's their 'norm'. 

The issues arise as the two undeniable truisms clash on the way ahead.  It is a battle that will continue until deafness stops being a clash of ideologies and reverts to a mutual respect and acceptance.  People who lose hearing feel disabled by it, because they are.  Calling it a culture won't get that issue addressed even if you find a different communication format that helps, despite various claims the format defines too.

The whole thing suggests disability is the completely correct 'term' to describe those who lose hearing, or go blind etc, as it ISN'T a norm, that norm has been removed.  It's the plethora of half-terms like HI/HoH/Severely deaf, and deaf without an aid or CI etc that are meaningless and confusing so is deaf and Deaf.  

What's in a name really? Nothing much except when it comes to being supported, then regardless if you have a culture or different language approach, and db variation, you still need help.  Society has established that in order to identify the need and support, they have to call it something.

So long as that need is met, they can call it whatever they like, BUT, the bias of those who have no loss, and those that do is messing it all up, because both need support but in different ways, where the system fails is lumping us together, but, established groups of either sector do the same to get their needs met.  Culture isn't a need, its a dream/preference, but support IS.  All the arguments I read are one area demanding the other butts out because of need conflict.

The 'mainstream' of disabled have lost interest and past caring what the deaf or near deaf whatever do,  some are annoyed their chosen term of Disabled to describe themselves is being trashed by deaf cultists and being portrayed as negative when deaf claim higher 'disability welfare and support' than most any other grouping.  Some suggest the 'Deaf' put up or shut up about it.

Lip-reading Challenge

The real challenge appears to be teaching these kids awareness, aka, first deafen yourself with loud music, then try to understand speech as well..... DOH! (Good Game, Good Game).

HI group celebrates 25yrs.

On the afternoon of Tuesday, July 3, the Bridgend & District Hearing Impaired Group, with members past and present and representatives from the audiology department at the Princess of Wales Hospital, Bridgend, and Action on Hearing Loss, celebrated the 25th anniversary of the group’s formation in 1993.

Following a 2pm arrival, each guest was presented with a rose buttonhole and seated in the Eliot Suite of the Coed y Mwstwr Hotel, Coychurch. The group secretary, Helen Embling, in her welcoming speech, spoke of the founder, the late Mrs Doreen Gunning, who herself became deaf during her teens, and in later life became one of the first people in Wales to have a cochlear implant, which gave her some degree of hearing.

Doreen spent her life championing the cause of the deaf, realising herself how isolating this disability can be and the effect it has on people’s lives and confidence.

Among the many awards Doreen received during her lifetime for her voluntary work on behalf of the hearing impaired, none was more deserved or appreciated than the honour of the MBE, two years before Doreen’s untimely death in April 2012. Our guests heard congratulatory letters from HRH Prince Charles and Carwyn Jones, First Minister of Wales, who both acknowledged the difference the group has made and continues to make to the lives of the hearing impaired.

Two of the original founder members, Bette Wilson (current chairperson) and Derek Lyddon, who are still active within the group, were particularly acknowledged for their support and loyalty over the years. Also with us were Joan Kinsbrook (98 years young) and Alan Lee, a former group treasurer, both of whom are loyal group members of over 20 three years. The Bridgend Hearing Impaired Support Group is a self-funding voluntary group, meeting on the first Tuesday of each month at The Evergreen Hall, Bridgend at 2pm.

In recent months, members have enjoyed speakers from ‘Blood Bikers’, Bridgend Guide Dog Association and the Bridgend Ukulele Band, as well as visits from representatives of Action on Hearing Loss, to keep members abreast of developments in technological help for the deaf.

A regular visitor to the group is Charlotte O’Connor, senior audiologist at the Princess of Wales Hospital, who advises us of updates from the audiology department. A regular and immensely popular part of our monthly meetings are the LIFT exercise and Tai Chi sessions presented by our qualified instructor Geoff Cheetham. Geoff gives of his time at a number of venues around the borough voluntarily, and has become a firm favourite with members – we were delighted he was also able to attend our Coed y Mwstwr celebration.

Bridgend HI group members enjoy regular trips to such places of interest as Llancaiach Fawr Manor, The Palace of Music, Porth, and Clevedon, Bristol: as well as a Christmas lunch, a New Year Party and always coffee and cake or biscuits at monthly meetings.

Jonathan Joseph (Jay), a principal clinical scientist at POW Hospital audiology department, spoke of the importance of the HI group to its members, in providing information, fellowship and social enjoyment, breaking down the barriers of the isolation and loneliness that often accompanies hearing impairment. Jay assured everyone that ‘the audiology service is on hand to support you all and if you ever need any help, you know where we are.’

Further speeches were made by founder members Bette Wilson and Derek Lyddon, thanking Helen for her part in continuing the work of Doreen Gunning. Helen was presented with a beautiful floral arrangement as a mark of members’ esteem. The excellent afternoon tea provided by the Coed y Mwstwr was greatly enjoyed by everyone, and a number of guests also left the hotel with a raffle prize – kindly sponsored by local businesses.

If you are interested in joining the Bridgend Hearing Impaired Support Group, please come along to the Evergreen Hall for our next meeting on Tuesday, August 7 at 2pm. You are assured of a very warm welcome.

Friday, 13 July 2018

That special relationship...

Britain Welcomes President Trump

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(1) Mrs May's EU 'deal' is crap, and is selling out the UK to European domination. (The UK agrees it is why 17m voted to leave).

(2) The London Mayor is weak on Terrorism.  (Erm, right again he allows marches against the USA, doesn't allow marches against illegal Islamic law practices here, or stop them from recruiting for IS on London streets).  He also won't enable the police to tackle gangs who are killing people on London Streets, in case ethnic and black areas claim discrimination! He is also reputed to have sided with the 9/11 bombers.

(3) Europe is at the mercy of Russia via their huge 40% reliance on Russian supplied energy.  (Right again).

(4) Boris would make a better PM than May, (We would get more laughs for sure).

(5) Europe used Chinese imports to undermine the USA.  (Right, they did it to decimate the UK Steel industry, and funnelled cheap imports to the USA and UK from China pretending they were European made).

(6) Europe won't even protect themselves and expect the USA/UK to do it. The truth hurts, doesn't it? only 3 out of 27  countries in Europe put up for own defence.  Germany said they may not be USA friends anymore when Trump complained about it.

(7) China succeeds by abusing the environment, by stealing endeavour, research, and advances from the western world.  It also won't adhere to fair trading laws.

We should add the 100,000 in London today were all the UK hypocrits in one place fuelled by migrant-run London.

Fact:  When 6,000 disabled and elderly died because of UK government assaults on their care, support, and welfare, and were duly found guilty in the European court of Human Rights, no-one at all marched, and allowed rabid hate media to attack them all.

The UK cannot even organise a decent march anymore unless it is to attack the people doing the RIGHT thing.   The UK is facing a truth they don't want to, they are inconsequential in the scheme of things and with no clout at all. Maybe Trump's truisms will be a wake-up call for the UK.  We can but hope. 

Coming Out...

I have come out, I am a dedicated heterosexual, a supporter of TWO Parent (Male and female), families and think ALL religions should be banned for our own good. I also don't think deaf need a culture, or an identity to define them, (For some reason I cannot fathom at all, I am being attacked for it?).  What I need is a focus group to promote the norm...  The only rainbows I like are the ones I see in the sky...

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Charites who Betrayed the disabled: Withdraw from their support?

One social media poster lays it on the line, name and shame the charities who sided with a UK government who oversaw 1,000s of deaths of disabled and elderly, were found guilty in the Human Rights Court, but never paid the price, so the charities could still get funds, and then signed a disclaimer never to criticise what they do.

Poster:  Charities don't exist, they are business' or wannabee business outlets pimping off the care industry and being run by well-meaning people working for nothing to keep charity CEO's in £100,000 in wages a year. It's pretty profitable if they get well in with the state and get regular funding handouts or the lottery hands them cash. 

Currently near £7B a year, so not peanuts, hence they hire corporate strategists and bean counters from the jobs for the boy's corporate sites. We are just a commodity they can make money on, and few if any of them allow US to run our own care and support area or decide how it is dispensed, they won't 'bite the hand that feeds' or support our rights campaigns. I asked for an FOI request from 15 national UK charities (including 5 major deaf and HoH ones), to name those who had signed up to a 'be nice to the DWP ministers' clause and they refused, claiming charity is 'exempt' from an FOI request. 

If they have nothing to hide, why would they refuse? We are talking about the UK's MAJOR charitable sites, with a turnover of many millions a year, refusing to back their 'clients/stakeholders'. (Or as they describe us, the mugs).  We can start by refusing to accept any 'care or support' from charities we find out are NOT acting in our best interest, if anyone has such a list with proof I'd print it, and then ask the charity commission withdraws their charitable status.

First, we have to REMOVE the charity commissioners themselves because the state planted a 51% majority of yes men to run it.  A stacked deck? BELIEVE IT!

Workplace Sign Course

Hearing Loss Summer Festival...

Image result for joyce Dunbar who will be at the Summer Deaf Festival on Friday
A festival celebrating deaf, hard of hearing and deaf-blind culture and community is coming to Norwich this week.

The Summer Deaf Festival will be held at The Forum on Friday from 10am until 4pm. It will feature a range of entertainment, from deaf dancer Chris Fonseca, to deaf author Joyce Dunbar to hands-on exhibits from Cambridge Science Centre.

There will also be stalls from organisations such as Advanced Bionics and Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. All talks and demonstrations will have a British Sign Language interpreter, captions and a lip speaker.

There is even a chance to try on a Subpac Vest, a new innovation which turns music into vibrations.

Eleanor Craik, deaf teacher and chairperson of the festival committee, said: “An event like this in rural Norfolk is great for the community, for building support and giving equal access to information.”

Gays angry at Netfilx...

The Fab 5 of Netflix's 'Queer Eye.'I Rely On Closed Captions to Enjoy a Show And I Don't Appreciate Netflix's Way of Censoring Them

When Netflix first rebooted Queer Eye as an original series, I binged the first season in record time, revelling in the joy of the Fab 5. Their easy kindness, even in the face of surprisingly difficult conversations, was a welcome respite from the toxic masculinity that plagued headlines across 2018. Fortunately for me and other fans, the second season (which was filmed at the same time as the first) dropped on June 15.

One of the first things I noticed about the second season was that the Netflix original newly introduced a bleeping sound to censor profanity spoken on the show. The next thing I noticed was that the censoring carried over to the closed captions, but not in the normal way.

Instead of bleeping out certain words, Netflix seemed to replace those words with more generally accepted ones.
Normally, closed caption subtitling bleeps words in a variety of different ways: phrases, such as (bleep), [expletive], or [censored] may be used, though sometimes hyphens or asterisks are substituted instead (f–k, f---, or f*** are all examples. Did you just say that word three times over in your inner voice? Me too.)

ATR Comment:  I rely on captions too, but can do without a constant tirade of swearing. The alternative is to publish a disclaimer of the show along the lines, it contains offensive language, and/or content is unsuitable for those under age 16, which Gays would still challenge, so I'm with Netflix on this.  

There are many areas of television that don't allow sex/violence etc and some swearing, there is a UK 9pm TV watershed on it because they know it isn't just adults who believe anything goes, that are the only viewers.  Some of these programs go out well before that time, go online etc, get streamed to get around the safety aspect.   Yes kids will still try to get around it, it doesn't alter the basic approach to limit poor examples of communication or output designed to offend to get more viewers in.  Deaf have issues enough with English without obscenity in every sentence.  Deaf don't need lessons in swearing.

Do people have a right to be offended?  I expect they do, and I am sure Gays do as well.  What would happen if an anti-gay rhetoric TV program went out, we all know that answer.  Censoring of some areas is necessary and vital, I do it, others readers do it daily, new laws are addressing online etc, it is to stop abuses of all kinds and bullying/terrorist recruiting drives etc.  ALL UK Newspapers have a ban on any number of swear words and block them too. As do USA medias.  

Frankly if you can only express yourself via expletives, you need to get it sorted.   Because you can say Bum or Fuck on a TV doesn't make you clever does it? Good on Netflix.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

The cochlear Beat goes on !

Hearing with a hearing aid first time.

Growing up I always got ear infections, I never understood why I couldn't hear properly and after being told so many times that I had selective hearing I started to believe it... After I turned 19, I noticed it was extremely hard to wake up in the morning. If I slept on my right side I wouldn't be able to hear my alarm which was one of the first signs I noticed my hearing wasn't well. 

After constantly making people repeat themselves and constantly being frustrated with me I decided to get a hearing test. I found out that day that my hearing was not well at all. Dr. Price Jones scheduled a surgery for me and a few months later I had my first surgery. When I woke up, the doctor informed me that when he went into my ear canal and lightly tapped my hearing bones, "they all had shattered". 

This now was leaving me completely deaf in my left ear. He then scheduled me another surgery to get an implant the following December. I have an MRI Conditional to 7.0 Telsa or less Implant. Once again, I had to wait around a year to see if the implant would start to pick up but so far it as not. Doctor Prince Jones has suggested buying a hearing aid, to improve my quality of life. I struggle with things such as waking up in the morning, Following conversations in cars/public/meetings/workplace/loud environments, I can only talk on the phone with my right ear, my balance is off and it's extremely hard to multitask. 

I have started this Go Fund Me because I do not have the funds to afford a hearing Aid right now. **I am currently trying to chase my dream of being an actor but this disability is setting me back.***I have worked hard for the things that I own, but I do not have money to afford this. I mean no harm asking for help, but just know it would mean the world to me to be able to hear again. 

Today I got to try on my first hearing aid and hear for the FIRST time. It was beautiful, and I just want that feeling back. 

New watch technology for deaf and HoH.

SpeakSee app raises EUR 50,000 in crowdfunding

Image result for speaksee
What we need to know is HOW effective this app is? The UK national HoH charity has endorsed it but hasn't told us how reliable it is.

 The SpeakSee app has raised EUR 50,000 in ten days in a crowdfunding campaign. The money will be used to help develop further the app for people with hearing disabilities. The news was announced by T-Mobile, which is working with SpeakSee at its innovation centre Futurelab.

SpeakSee converts spoken word to text for people with hearing impairments. It's collecting data on a wide range of Dutch accents and dialects in order to improve the app's functionality. The Netherlands counts around 1.6 million people who are deaf or have limited hearing. SpeakSee is also testing the app in the US and UK.

Monday, 9 July 2018

Why Brits should ignore the 'World' Deaf Fed..

The Deaf Gap in Healthcare from World Federation of the Deaf on Vimeo.

Readers will notice there actually isn't any video to watch, the European deaf deciding the USA is a no-go area for them or allowing the UK to assist.  Basically, the Americans haven't missed a thing, because the sign is unintelligible and appears made up, the view ridiculous, and the output neither captioned or subtitled or contains any narrative.  Welcome to  'World Deaf' output European-style! (Worse the European Union funds these inaccessible idiots.)   There is a Link there somewhere but why bother?  They block feedback too!

More than Communication

Living with hearing loss