Tuesday, 10 July 2018

The cochlear Beat goes on !

Hearing with a hearing aid first time.

Growing up I always got ear infections, I never understood why I couldn't hear properly and after being told so many times that I had selective hearing I started to believe it... After I turned 19, I noticed it was extremely hard to wake up in the morning. If I slept on my right side I wouldn't be able to hear my alarm which was one of the first signs I noticed my hearing wasn't well. 

After constantly making people repeat themselves and constantly being frustrated with me I decided to get a hearing test. I found out that day that my hearing was not well at all. Dr. Price Jones scheduled a surgery for me and a few months later I had my first surgery. When I woke up, the doctor informed me that when he went into my ear canal and lightly tapped my hearing bones, "they all had shattered". 

This now was leaving me completely deaf in my left ear. He then scheduled me another surgery to get an implant the following December. I have an MRI Conditional to 7.0 Telsa or less Implant. Once again, I had to wait around a year to see if the implant would start to pick up but so far it as not. Doctor Prince Jones has suggested buying a hearing aid, to improve my quality of life. I struggle with things such as waking up in the morning, Following conversations in cars/public/meetings/workplace/loud environments, I can only talk on the phone with my right ear, my balance is off and it's extremely hard to multitask. 

I have started this Go Fund Me because I do not have the funds to afford a hearing Aid right now. **I am currently trying to chase my dream of being an actor but this disability is setting me back.***I have worked hard for the things that I own, but I do not have money to afford this. I mean no harm asking for help, but just know it would mean the world to me to be able to hear again. 

Today I got to try on my first hearing aid and hear for the FIRST time. It was beautiful, and I just want that feeling back. 

New watch technology for deaf and HoH.

SpeakSee app raises EUR 50,000 in crowdfunding

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What we need to know is HOW effective this app is? The UK national HoH charity has endorsed it but hasn't told us how reliable it is.

 The SpeakSee app has raised EUR 50,000 in ten days in a crowdfunding campaign. The money will be used to help develop further the app for people with hearing disabilities. The news was announced by T-Mobile, which is working with SpeakSee at its innovation centre Futurelab.

SpeakSee converts spoken word to text for people with hearing impairments. It's collecting data on a wide range of Dutch accents and dialects in order to improve the app's functionality. The Netherlands counts around 1.6 million people who are deaf or have limited hearing. SpeakSee is also testing the app in the US and UK.