Friday, 13 July 2018

That special relationship...

Britain Welcomes President Trump

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(1) Mrs May's EU 'deal' is crap, and is selling out the UK to European domination. (The UK agrees it is why 17m voted to leave).

(2) The London Mayor is weak on Terrorism.  (Erm, right again he allows marches against the USA, doesn't allow marches against illegal Islamic law practices here, or stop them from recruiting for IS on London streets).  He also won't enable the police to tackle gangs who are killing people on London Streets, in case ethnic and black areas claim discrimination! He is also reputed to have sided with the 9/11 bombers.

(3) Europe is at the mercy of Russia via their huge 40% reliance on Russian supplied energy.  (Right again).

(4) Boris would make a better PM than May, (We would get more laughs for sure).

(5) Europe used Chinese imports to undermine the USA.  (Right, they did it to decimate the UK Steel industry, and funnelled cheap imports to the USA and UK from China pretending they were European made).

(6) Europe won't even protect themselves and expect the USA/UK to do it. The truth hurts, doesn't it? only 3 out of 27  countries in Europe put up for own defence.  Germany said they may not be USA friends anymore when Trump complained about it.

(7) China succeeds by abusing the environment, by stealing endeavour, research, and advances from the western world.  It also won't adhere to fair trading laws.

We should add the 100,000 in London today were all the UK hypocrits in one place fuelled by migrant-run London.

Fact:  When 6,000 disabled and elderly died because of UK government assaults on their care, support, and welfare, and were duly found guilty in the European court of Human Rights, no-one at all marched, and allowed rabid hate media to attack them all.

The UK cannot even organise a decent march anymore unless it is to attack the people doing the RIGHT thing.   The UK is facing a truth they don't want to, they are inconsequential in the scheme of things and with no clout at all. Maybe Trump's truisms will be a wake-up call for the UK.  We can but hope. 

Coming Out...

I have come out, I am a dedicated heterosexual, a supporter of TWO Parent (Male and female), families and think ALL religions should be banned for our own good. I also don't think deaf need a culture, or an identity to define them, (For some reason I cannot fathom at all, I am being attacked for it?).  What I need is a focus group to promote the norm...  The only rainbows I like are the ones I see in the sky...