Friday, 27 July 2018

Deaf Solidarity.

Why deaf people should avoid at all costs focus group meetings, even international ones despite the option to travel. The sign wasn't there, the access was appaling and the translation gibberish.  Free English lessons to the first person who can tell us what it was all about... it may have had a point for all we know.

Deaf Blind man has guide dog taken away..

"They are insisting on removing the dog because he's overweight." (SWNS)A blind-deaf widower is having his guide dog – and also best friend – taken away because it has got too fat. Derek Beal said he will be a “prisoner in his own home” once his “wonderful companion” Paddy is taken away from him. Guide Dogs for the Blind is taking the drastic action over concerns the eight-year-old golden retriever is being overfed as his 82-year-old owner cannot see what he is eating. 

Beal insists his best friend’s extra weight is because of passers-by giving him treats and the dog is only “slightly” overweight after taking him to the vet to check. The former catering manager, from Maidstone, Kent, said: “They’ve offered me no help to get around and no replacement if they take him away. “I’m blind and nearly deaf – it’s brutal.”

Can Deaf Read get rid of the Deaf Chef?

Image result for NO spammingWe don't need more repeats of the wholesale spamming of this deaf site by adverts chandeliers, please remove.  We worry Deaf.Read has abandoned all moderation and remnants of 2002 are still there not updated, the whole aggregate needs a cleanup and pro-active moderation.

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