Saturday, 28 July 2018

Creating Jobs for the Deaf

The other side of the coin as ATR knows is that Hearing/HoH people who are trained in skills, and who then acquire deafness later, have to sweep floors and stack shelves, or clean tables in coffee bars. It isn't just a view deaf can't work properly but a view if you lose your hearing you cannot do the work you are already-trained for either.  

Offering deaf work below capability is also negative, and all too common, so we do need to monitor the TYPE of work we are being offered.  Deaf struggle to obtain a good education and skill then find it counts for nothing at all after, so do the deafened, and the HoH, and it kills aspiration.

All we can do is marvel at the ones who succeed despite that.  The key as always is communication, we do feel a deaf education cannot equip you for a hearing world as it stands, academic attainment still isn't cutting it, because communication and deaf social norms are still barriers.... the focus needs to bear in mind, there are only so many low paid dead-end jobs, or deaf charity ones deaf can get and aim a lot higher.

Even self-employment is a sideways step as deaf endeavour aims at own sector for support, not the mainstream ones.  A job is a Job, or is it? Selling ourselves as sign teachers, and deaf awareness experts/advisors isn't working it is, because it only functions if that deaf person has the cross-over skills to communicate with hearing.  Most have oral skills..... a skill certain backward-looking deaf areas oppose.