Tuesday, 31 July 2018

New moderators for Deaf.Read?

Related imageIt's pretty clear the present group of mods have abandoned moderation or site updating the last 2 years, allowing open spamming to take place.  Maybe the USA needs to advertise more widely for people prepared to protect vulnerable deaf bloggers who are under daily pressures to wade though blatant spamming as it is.  

It looks like the free speech policy of the USA is not working at all.  It should not include the right to spam, troll , or abuse, Deaf.Read isn't Facebook... yet! We know Deaf.Read has a 'Hide' option but that is a cop-out, not an alternative, it isn't a replacement for moderation.   Not so long ago DR removed a spammer, now here we are again... with Deaf Chef, I urge readers NOT to log in to any of those posts.

New hearing aid technology claims better filtering...

Deaf lip-reader jailed for assault..

A mother punched a TUI flight attendant in the crotch after drinking half a bottle of wine on the way to Manchester Airport - and two vodkas at the bar. 

Helen Butcher, left passengers in tears - and forced children to cover their ears - after launching into a foul-mouthed rant.

The 51-year-old has now been jailed for her ‘appalling’ behaviour during the flight from Manchester to Kos in June last year. Manchester Crown Court heard Butcher, from Cumbria, drank half a bottle of wine on the way to the airport and two vodkas in the bar before getting on the 3.50pm flight on June 27 last year.

She and her daughter were being served drinks by a male flight attendant, with Butcher ordering a gin and tonic. After he moved further down the carriage, Butcher, who was sitting in the same row as her daughter but separated by the aisle, punched the man in the genitals. The man said he was in ‘intense pain’ and told Butcher her behaviour was ‘wholly unacceptable’, prosecutor Amanda Johnson said. Cabin crew were told not to serve any more alcohol to Butcher or her daughter.

Butcher became increasingly loud and disruptive during the four hour flight, Ms Johnson said. She repeatedly told staff to ‘f*** off’ and showed ‘no respect’ anyone else on the flight, the court heard. Butcher was given a written warning from the captain about her behaviour.

Helen Butcher, who has been jailed for 21 weeks after being drunken and abusive on an aircraft. When the cabin manager went to speak to her, she ‘took hold of his face’ with her hands and said ‘I’m deaf and I can lip-read, or just f*** off’.

Deaf being forced from their homes in Scotland?

Concerns: Christopher Plummer, from Dumfries
Deaf people in Dumfries and Galloway ‘quitting the area’ over interpreter fears The area’s main interpreter retired in December, leaving the council relying on freelance cover which ends soon. 

Deaf people are preparing to move home amid fears the region could be left without a sign language interpreter. The area’s main interpreter for more than 20 years retired in December, leaving the council relying on twice-weekly freelance cover. But users of the service have now been told that contract is to end next month due to lack of funding. 

Christopher Plummer, 27, from Dumfries, became deaf at just eight weeks old after contracting meningitis and has to use a cochlear implant. He said: “I am worried because I have an appointment coming up with no signer. We’re now having to phone up and wait for two weeks to find out who might be available to cover from further afield. “Some of my deaf friends have already decided to move to Glasgow because they will get more support and easier access to an interpreter than down here.” 

He added: “There are a group of us who need a signer to help with health appointments, the Jobcentre, or even going to the bank. “The Scotland Act said yes to supporting the deaf community, but in Dumfries and Galloway that support is lacking. “The existing signer is very good and it is easy for us to use her, rather than bringing someone from Carlisle to do the job.”