Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Managing calls from those with hearing loss issues.

Hate Crime: At the Pub

And, at the Bus stop.

There are other videos that advise on hate crime in other areas on the same site.

Smart Energy for deaf.

Limping Chicken attempts to censor ATR?

To prevent challenges to a blog by John Walker promoting the advantages of a BSL/GCSE that was so misreported in BSL media,  ATR had to contact the education minister to clarify.  ATR had to publish statistics to clarify the ones deaf activism deliberately distorted, they seem determined to prevent deaf people from knowing the truth.  Aka tell a lie, or distort the truth long enough, people will believe it.

Many pro-GCSE/BSL posters accused ATR of being anti-deaf and anti-sign, as well as stupid, and 'doesn't understand', to suggest diminished awareness or even ignorance.  I am assuming therefore being deaf for near 50 years a passable signer and having born-deaf partner accounts for that. (Not that they are judging ATR or anything!).

Image result for quit the bullshitATR reproduces both comments sent to Limping Chicken, for open perusal.  

Background:  LC is a blog/ website supported by 33 charities and run by people who make a living from dependent sign users.  Is it not in their financial interests to ensure deaf don't move out of the straightjacket culture/sign is putting them in?  

When will these people stop pimping the Deaf and cease treating them as a 'captive market' who can only benefit by THEIR patronisations?  Deaf did not dump a patronising system/social service set up, to then rely on a  patronising set up from charity and 'peers' instead. No matter how much it is dressed up as 'deaf helping each other',  or 'deaf know each other best..' BSL/Culture is now a lucrative financial living for the more able deaf who would otherwise struggle like everyone else.  

Sign/culture is now a commodity to be exploited and the higher the profile of those, the more money and kudos is being made, not that 63% of the deaf with no work have benefitted, only hearing and these 'Deaf' have.

Check out the backgrounds and see for yourself.  Charities are opposed by most Limping chicken contributors everywhere but ON that site, they don't bite the hand that feeds, hypocrites. We then realise it is just a cynical ploy to increase audiences for the blog,  a system ATR is well known for challenging.

Comment #'1

The key terminology Mr Walker uses is 'potential' support for it, he knows no such agreement has been announced..  Nick Gibbs has put it 'on the table' for years and will forget about it, deaf areas need to stop flooding online with claims Mr Gibbs has accepted such a  class he hasn't, and as such a class needs a written component, deaf can't (Or won't), comply.  Attempts to use culture to bypass the national curriculm rules, are unlikely to succeed. Notwithstanding classes would have to be centralised. children commuted to, and classes staffed by qualified professionals, the staff do not currently exist or being trained up, and it is LA areas would allow classes in its 25,000 schools where there may not be a single deaf student in them.  The real question is what purpose is an advanced BSL lesson in terms of deaf gain?   We live in a hearing-speaking world based on literacy in English not a deaf one off on some tangent of its own.

Comment #2. (Not included at this time).

I can well understand all BSL's together but they are failing to face the reality, the DoE will NOT ecourage BSL in schools as any stand alone format, it won't help the deaf child in a hearing world.  They have a duty to enable the deaf child to succeed and cope,  OUTSIDE a deaf world not just function within it.  Deaf school education was wiped out because they did that.  The deaf community has held back the deaf child too long and its time to stand aside and let them learn what they need to learn.  

They are more concerned in ensuring the next batch of disenfranchised martyrs to their cause, than empowering the deaf child to succeed. The smoke screen of suggested 'advantages'  and cultural excuses, don't bear scrutiny, and I have seen NO real proof children have demanded this, I have seen a lot of deaf activism that has.  

My letter to the minister hopefully will silence this misinformation for good, he has already declared sometimes/never to think about it, reality. Further facts state no one who signs is identified via health areas either, so it all comes from deaf biased charities.  Who themselves have virtually NO DEAF grass root memberships, check the stats yourself. AOHL disputes BDA findings and figures too.  It's an online campaign not a grass root one.  Can we take credibility from Messrs Walker and Co, who make a living from dependent BSL users?