Friday, 17 August 2018

My communication, my choice?

Laudable but its horses for courses, intent on using a medium that needs 24/7 support to work outside own areas and conditions, suggests you need to learn alternatives as well, because most hearing won't sign to you, do not know it, so you are talking to yourself persisting that way, deaf need to understand too, meeting people halfway is essential or we leave, then we don't go back.   It's always others must conform to the signer, never the other way around or even trying.

Only when deaf accept they need to be truly bilingual and not distort the concept to mean all deaf sign instead, will they actually move away from the isolation and the non-access situation they are in, and yes those brought up in hearing/oral areas can usually communicate better because mostly they can cross that divide.  A situation that surely suggests the 'Deaf way' is the wrong way to equality, and mainstream is the way they should all be going.

I think the concept of 'born-again' 'Deaf' is a danger to harmony, and these people are the most prominent activists, messing up inclusion, and promising deaf what they can never deliver.  It's about control not liberating people. We soon found the old setups and 'signing community' are just enclaves where some deaf can actively avoid real interactions with us and near everyone else used to wider choices and option. 

I spend just 1 day a month within the deaf community because I don't need the restrictions it presents, it's an artificial environment. There are no other deaf around, and because a hearing background has literally forced me to find alternatives to the 'Deaf' way, I don't need it. It is the vulnerability and lack of social contacts that drive people towards these things, but we should be widening those options, not driving deaf to more isolatory ways of dealing with it, a prison doesn't change because you put up curtains to cover the cell barred windows.

Living in a Deaf bubble is avoiding the realities of the situation. I have deaf friends and hearing ones no big deal. I speak.  I never sought out 'like with like' options because late deafened don't have many peers or any systems to do that. I did find some deaf areas inflexible, mostly the predominant signing ones, but  HoH areas also presented some issues because they had the hearing advantage, even over us who were once hearing ourselves, their issue too is refusing to accept realities. They don't do anything until it is too late, these never integrate with deaf systems, and the systems don't cater for them anyway.  

I assume Deaf issues occur because being born that way, and having poor support and education systems they were left with no other options.  I didn't understand why deaf didn't then go on to further education and learn more communication options to help where all deaf together failed them by suggesting they don't need anything else.  They reached adulthood came to a full stop or left on a plateau where nothing ever changes much, because whatever systems and support they had before now no longer exist, they had to find own way, and were not equipped for it, deaf education was a complete misnomer in terms and a waste of time.  They were primed to lose and couldn't compete.

It is an issue, some deaf areas decided, that lauding inflexibility as a right has driven them further away from integration and inclusion, but I find this sad attitude exists primarily online and not much at grass root level where most including the born deaf, have moved onwards. Any 'Deaf' areas that demanded I must sign or would ignore me, I would leave, I'd never go back to it.  Who needs it.

I sign, I speak, I spend social time where I want, maybe these 'Deaf' activists need to undergo what we do, i.e. finding no-one to support you and no-one to include you, having to ignore the biased classwork, no dedicated social area, thus forcing the entire onus on yourself to find the way, most would then find the alternatives they need, or go under, its a great impetus although I wouldn't recommend it as the only way!   

I don't have issues with the sign, I have issues in some signer's inflexibility which is unnecessary and negative to others. We all know what follows pride.......

They asked young people deaf in the UK see what they said, and, hardly any signed either.