Thursday, 23 August 2018

Challenging signed Video awareness.

ATR challenging Deaf videos than suggest culture clashes, offer poor awareness and promote bias with no access instead.

There are MORE than just hearing and deaf, in culture, and in approach/language/social issues, there are 4 or more areas within hearing loss, including the deafened/acquired deaf, deaf-blind, hard of hearing etc, to what 'culture' do they belong to? Yours?   They are closet hearing?!

They don't exist? What? and, where is our access?  It's only awareness if those you want to make aware KNOW that you are saying and post to hearing areas. 'Us and them' approaches are dated campaign-wise and designed to induce issues of discrimination where it doesn't exist and to make Deaf feel disadvantaged by deliberate design.

Deaf sign, hearing don't? Wrong again.  If your wife doesn't understand you, perhaps your communications aren't up to it!  Is there ANY point cultural deaf posting awareness at each other?  To assume hearing are going to log in to youtube to gain deaf or cultural awareness with no in via access, is plain ridiculous.