Sunday, 26 August 2018

Scottish thought police lose the plot...

Coming to a confused focus-group near you. Will you tell them to get a life or shall I? O'D'd' on Haggis again or is it 'Hag-gess'?  (Whatever!). 'Trans-stupid' spring to mind.

Use of pronouns.

If you know someone who wishes to change the pronoun by which they are referred (for example from she to he), try to understand it is very important to them that you respect this, even if you initially find it difficult to consider them that gender.  Deliberately using a different pronoun for the person will be experienced as offensive, judgemental and hurtful.

Most trans people will use the most common pronouns, ‘he’ and ‘she’, to refer to themselves. However, some people may use the gender neutral pronouns ‘they’ and ‘their’ in the singular sense. You may also meet a trans person who uses less common gender neutral pronouns (such as ‘zie’ or ‘hir’) but these are currently mostly used online.  In place of the gendered titles of address (Mr, Miss, Mrs, Ms), you might see the use of a newly created gender-neutral title of Mx.  More commonly people may just opt not to use any title. Once someone has let you know their pronouns and title, it is really important to try and get them right as much as possible, even if they are new or unusual to you.

If you are speaking briefly with someone and you are unsure how the person would wish to be addressed, then it is usually best just to avoid using any gendered terms than to risk insulting them by guessing wrong.

Shit Happens...