Thursday, 30 August 2018

Leading HoH/Deaf charity distorts access campaigns.

Member Comment:

This article is solely about signing Deaf people. It has been written entirely from the assumption that all deaf people need sign language.  This is not actually what people are asking for and there is no point in giving them things they do not need. That's the worst kind of patronising charity.

The true fact is that for many years now there has been a drift away from sign language outside the deaf community. It still remains the lingua franca of the Deaf world and that isn't a problem. It's only when over-enthusiastic people start getting carried away that there are problems and these are reflected on the rest of us. We have to endure seeing earnest discussions for providing a tiny minority with what they demand while ignoring the vast majority for whom these provisions are of no help at all.

What the ordinary deaf person needs is not just access to a BSL terp but a large number would benefit from lipspeakers, notetakers, STTR, loop/infra/radio systems and other things of that nature. The number of signing Deaf in this country and in Wales is absolutely tiny. It is dwarfed out of sight by the much larger number of profoundly deaf oral people.

It would be nice if the principal deaf organisation purporting to represent us could get their facts right?

ATR Comment:

The relentlessly 'piggy-back campaigns HoH charities promote that actually do NOT promote HoH access but something else entirely is distorting access rights for most of us.  

Thinly-veiled suggestions they are a 'Deaf' and a 'HoH' group with a remit to match to cover up lack of any fairness or real awareness is patronising.  AOHL has lost out to cultural campaigns and is tagging on to them to stay in the public view, by suggesting everyone needs sign and little else.  They don't justify to HoH how it helps them in any way. Their own acknowledged member base is HoH and non-signing.

Basically this a corporate charity staffed by hearing people, with a business arm selling services and equipment to us all, and jumps on any bandwagon to get a profile.  In reality, HoH have been deserted by this charity and the Deaf left years ago. They are alleged to have signed up to a non-oppositional stance, and to not criticise discriminatory decisions by ministers, who have deprived 300,000 HoH welfare support, and held responsible for 110,000 UK deaths.

Parents with Hearing Impairment.

Parents with hearing impairment from Raising Children Network on Vimeo.

Maybe CODA's are bilingual, the parents aren't.