Monday, 3 September 2018

NDCS charity to get Competition?

Inspirational new charity launched to help the 45,000 deaf children in the UK
Will be interesting to see how they will deal with resisting cultural pressure on deaf education. Are they going to oppose NDCS directions?  They appear to have split with them.

An inspirational new charity dedicated to deaf children is set to open this month with a party to celebrate its launch. Berkshire Deaf Children’s Society will open on September 16, following the merging of two charities; Reading Deaf Children’s Society and South East Berkshire Children’s Society. 

The new society aims to support deaf children and their families by providing opportunities for deaf children to meet others, make friends, develop skills and build confidence. Samantha Barnard, chair of Berkshire Deaf Children’s Society said: “By combining our efforts we will be able to offer more opportunities for deaf children and their families to meet and have fun. 

“Membership of BDCS is free and we already have lots of fun events planned including a Christmas Party and pantomime trips.” There are over 45,000 deaf children living in the UK and almost twice as many deaf children failed to achieve five GCSEs grade A* to C than non-deaf children. BDCS hopes to improve these numbers as well as support parents and families of children who suffer from deafness. 

Getting a Job In Wales.

Action on Hearing Loss - Employment Film from Woven Films on Vimeo.

It needs deaf to show confidence and not start with you have to do this for me demands all the time.  I've done the same and had my leg pulled and tricks played on me by workmates, once you accept it as par for the course communication is pretty straightforward, we need to silence those activists/naysayers trying to create barriers and disaffected deaf all the time, they can't and don't pay your wages.

I think he did well here because building sites are dangerous places if you cannot hear a warning. He appears to have an ability to manage without translators too which is a huge plus, as employers won't take such deaf on, their biggest concern is communication effectiveness.  

Employers aren't anti-deaf, they don't see deaf communication as effective.  Just because deaf don't see this issue, hardly helps, they are communicating sign to sign, deaf to deaf, not deaf to hearing.  I did notice when he was reading he wasn't always paying attention to those speaking to him, he needs to show that he is aware of the others around him its important on a building site.

He would be allocated work where there is the least danger of issue, but that's OK. Deaf can concentrate to the exclusion of all else at times, but its not always a plus.  I wasn't allowed a phone at work 'though, employers said 'you aren't here to play with those!'  (I wonder if that is why so many UK teenagers are having difficulty doing a daily job, maybe it interferes with their online socials.

HoH Month?

I suspect the opening titles suggest it is ASL day, not HoH day/month.  We despair deaf or HoH support areas know who they are talking about.  In publicising events for those with hearing loss, perhaps best they use that reference since ASL Day suggests NOT HoH at all, we would assume automatically it had nothing to do with HoH.  The signing image is for signers, and using it in conjunction with a debateable dual remit only misleads people.  We now await coverage which will be ALL ASL signed!

The UK doesn't have these days, so at least they are blatant about it being a celebration of deaf sign.  HoH events here are about ear wax, hearing aid issues, and sign alternatives not much else.

The translated Deaf Self

Maybe should have the sub-heading 'my life as a dependent on others?' What constitutes a 'Deaf Life'? time spent as deaf? time spent as a signing person?  How many deaf schools/clubs they went to?

E.G. I know many deafened people deaf for over 40 odd years, older than some in this video, who don't use translators, simply because there aren't any for non-signers.  I rather suspect these type of blogs are more about rejoicing in being a born deaf signer with a perceived culture than anything else, who don't have other options or even some who don't want any other options.

It doesn't cover or even attempts to, the issues/needs of most deaf with an inability to sign, or simply not wanting sign language.  To us as deafened people making a life-long dependence part of what you are, seem pretty sad to me.  Do they not want independence at all?  Is reliance just propping up culture imaging?  The Vid lacks access for others too, I don't see what the point really is other than a wider communication ability is not one part of it.