Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Deaf Girl: Why won't they play with me?

10-year-old Amber (pictured) has been in and out of hospitals her entire life, but mother Belinda is worried that this is what could break her daughter's spirit
Heartbreaking diary entries of a partially deaf girl who claims bullies hung her from a tree with a skipping rope have been revealed by her mother. 

Amber Yoon, 10, was allegedly strung up by her neck in the playground of Queen of Apostles Catholic School in Perth late last month. On Tuesday, taking a stand against the bullies, Amber's mother, Belinda, shared the diary entries that alerted her to her daughter's tormentors months ago.

10-year-old Amber has been in and out of hospitals her entire life, but mother Belinda is worried that this is what could break her daughter's spirit.  'I can't get off my mind why won't my 'friends' won't (sic) play with me,' the young girl wrote in a new diary after ripping out her previous entries. 'And haven't been treating me not (sic) very nice. 'Pray for me please.' 

The heartbreaking diary pages of a bullied 10-year-old girl have been revealed by her mother
On top of heart-wrenching messages, Amber would draw herself and label herself as the 'weird girl'. She wrote that other children would not sit with her, claiming they would ignore her if she tried to interact with them in the playground.  Her nine-year-old brother, Hunter, who also attended the school, told his mother he had repeatedly seen Amber sit alone. 

EE to provide more support for HoH phone users..

ee store
EE first network to provide plans for those with hearing loss ee store By Choose team 4 September 2018 EE and Action on Hearing Loss have joined forces to provide plans for those in the UK suffering from hearing difficulty. 

In an age where phone calls, text messages and voice memos have become part of the everyday, those with hearing loss can feel left behind and isolated, but EE has made efforts to ensure everyone can enjoy the benefits of having a mobile device. Picking up the phone and hearing Aunt Sarah complaining about the neighbour's dog can be taken for granted, but for those with hearing loss, this can be a luxury.

According to, one in 6 people in the UK suffer from hearing loss, the disability is more prevalent in those over the age of 70 (three quarters of whom have a significant hearing loss) and among newborns, 1 in every 1000 is born deaf. The EE plan The EE plans, available through the Action on Hearing Loss website are specifically tailored to suit the needs of those hard of hearing, with increased data allowance and fewer minutes. 

The £10 data pack provides customers with 2GB of data and unlimited texts every 30 days, in comparison to the standard 18-months Sim Only plan, available on the EE website, which starts at £20 a month for unlimited minutes and texts. These new data packages concentrate on the way those hard of hearing prefer to communicate: via text, email and messaging 

Still not 'Deaf' enough?

Juliet Corwin.
Who cares what these 'purists' think?   I'm just surprised anyone puts up with these anti-CI, anti-hearing aids anti anything that helps view.  We need to isolate those people.  They are not entitled to criticise or oppose choices for others. Go away.

"I'm proud to be among those who live with deafness. Yet I often feel rejected by some of these same people. Many who embrace Deaf culture -- that's deaf with a capital D -- tend to think of deafness as the defining factor of who they are, and consider those who are integrated into the hearing world through technology -- such as hearing aids or cochlear implants -- as “not Deaf enough” to be a part of their community. 

Many of them have never heard anything, and have never communicated through speech. That’s different from me, but in the end, none of us can hear without assistance. I believe that their need to exclude comes from not being able to fully understand others’ deaf experience. Still, it’s destructive. Many Deaf people -- and hearing people -- think of cochlear implants as a "solution" to deafness. It isn’t; the implants simply offer me a different deaf lifestyle."