Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Opinion, Opinion!

But are we any the wiser for these explanations..... fact, is what YOU want to believe.

The Hearing Journey.

Sharing REAL Awareness.

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I’d appreciate what awareness the deaf community would be sharing as it is not about inclusion or equality for us all but a singular sign and cultural approach and aim.

To understand shared awareness you need to include, to gain perspectives, and this does not seem an 'in-house' issue as regards to hearing loss, but an 'everyone for themselves' situation.  The daily abusage of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing remit is the norm now.

E.G. If the signers sat down with the deafened, hard of hearing, deaf-blind, multi-disabled deaf, the hearing, and the mainstream disability community, they would be more aware themselves, and a unified approach pretty much guaranteed to get what we want..  If you get 100 signers in one room then what sort of loss awareness are you going to get? Or even a 100 Hard of Hearing?  Just a one-sided view of things and Deaf do this,  deaf do that and nobody else exists.  Equality in a vacuum and legalised apartheid by loss degree, db, language and lifestyle, we all become an Island..

I don't think hearing loss areas, would understand real awareness if it bit their backside frankly.

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