Sunday, 21 October 2018

How deaf am I ?

Hate Crime (UK)

Reporting hate crime is an issue because it isn't clarified what exactly 'Hate' is, even who reports it and to whom. E.G. many local authorities/housing areas never recorded deaf hate and would only act on profile ethnic and black/gender areas.  There was an emerging 'pecking order' of people being subject to hate by the system responding to populist imaging. We would prefer to see the police giving a full and detailed explanation as to the law regarding hate crime, as many deaf are stating it is being passed off as a 'misunderstanding' or the deaf are 'imagining' things. 

We also need DEAF people to understand that not everything that happens is Hate, and to avoid the current profile media bandwagons that label everyone and everything as hate-oriented.. Years ago ATR reported 3 cases of 'hate crime' in one south welsh area alone, and the appaling response by the police to it. Deaf had had homes attacking by arsonists, beaten up and robbed (Which the police said isn't hate crime), and one single deaf parent had to send her child away to her father for safety after being hounded by gangs of youths, which again the police said was not a hate crime and could not be brought to court anyway.

Deaf people lost the will to complain.  Police insisted the 'deaf' hadn't 'understood' properly, then when the deaf stuck to their guns and persisted with the complaint, they were advised to move away from the people hating them, even told to get medical notes to say they were depressed to get priority re-housing, leaving the haters with a win situation and the crime of hate neutralised.