Saturday, 27 October 2018

Disability and the Equality Law

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We should perhaps throw in the usual garbage about how the European Union is the new Shangri-La too.  There is already too much inequality being generated in the USA.

Social media of the disability ilk throws up some weird responses to access situations and rights, and lately, attacking the UK's health services is just one of them.  

Almost as much of a conundrum as the deaf ones but not quite!  One poster suggested the European Union support for health areas to recognise all sorts of religious 'fads and fancies' (Thank goodness at least we aren't yet allowing their goats in to hospitals),  was one positive of the European Court of Human Rights, (An area the UK is due to pull out of, because its a joke and staffed by a lot of very dubious people whose ideas of equality and rights endorses wholesale discrimination against the less popular cause celebs).  With a 100m population comes 100m issues of discrimination.  Equality means we are own charities and own focus group!

UK media is now publishing adverts for a charity that helps homosexuals, and trans people since when is that issue needing one?  They are charity cases now? Their issue is acceptance or something and believes begging for money on the streets will enact a charity to raise awareness they are having problems.   They aren't daft, donor areas are always willing to support offbeat areas like those and banning petrol or something.  They fail to appreciate most of us have switched off from it all really. We can't be bothered or have the means to support every one of them, which we see as meaning genuine areas are losing out.  Charity is dead or should be, we should also be lobbying to end those because the contain vulnerable areas to a lifetime of pity and reliance of others.  The deaf answer to that was to move the goalposts but still carry on with the same approach.  They call it a culture and not a language issue or both, or a language issue and not a disability but demanding the finance that comes with it, or a... (You get the drift).

The simple answer is that deaf people need support and right of access, so do disabled people and both are entitled to protection from discrimination, we really don't need the hoo-ha that is included in that. In actuality we have such laws, but not worth the paper it is printed on.  But, we have the technology! (We create yet another charity, and wheel out some worse cases for sympathy!).

It is as bad as those charities raking in money for deaf children, labelling them pretty pathetic and needy too, despite the issue is of the state removing their support, and there is no way a charity can supplement that or should be because their educational support and adult needs are already a right in Law, but there you go paper laws do not a right make and it is easier to NOT address the issue because the state will dump everything on them if they are too successful, then sods law will ensure it all goes down the pan after a year.. BSL people know full well because although the EU endorsed sign language in 2005, there is no law in education to actually enforce its use still.

All these lobbies do is create more focus groups desperate to find discrimination in everything.  Enough snowflakes to create constant avalanches.

First response (On Health/equality):   

The EU has benefitted us! they have insisted our hospitals accept the religions of different persuasions.


They always did. Drs and Nurses treat the person but not their lifestyle choices and always have, its not their job to play the role of government.  They perhaps do draw the line at some rituals taking place because it disrupts care they provide for others, that isn't discrimination.


It's a shame some patients aren't recognising what the NHS is for, it's certainly not an 'aunt sally' for the latest cause celeb or there to do what the state cannot itself i.e. enforce rules and laws properly. Any idiot (And Westminster has 600+ of them), can make a noise and create a new Law and Act on our behalf, and the EU does this 100s of times every week, the problem is they have disempowered our ability to get those laws enacted (Or they are just lip-service and enactment is left to whoever makes the most noises). 

Every issue of discrimination has to be fought on an individual basis, what is discrimination varies by the minute, and win or lose that result ONLY affects that individual, a precedent doesn't mean all in the same boat get the benefit of it. 'Each according to need is bollox', is the classic example of equality and access laws being not only totally ignored but openly challenged, is to look at the DWP (the state arm of welfare, dedicated to making people homeless, poor, and without support, even causing premature death by so doing), and rabid right-wing media, (empowered by state assaults on disabled via labelling them a drain on the 'working man' or 'frauds cheating the taxpayer' which pits able bodied against the disabled via a blame culture.

The DWP can and do ignore the law every day. Have more power at their fingertips than the Police or the armed forces.  Between #metoo and '#upyours, I think we have reached a saturation point on who gets the best legal/global deal, and the disabled must look to themselves as a group and no longer as individuals.  

Hashtags don't solve issues. This applies to deaf areas who are pitting themselves not only against discriminators of the systems but against others with hearing loss too, via language, modes, norms, cultural difference, oral use, any bloody difference... whilst the system sits back with popcorn egging them on.  

Divide and rule is as old as the hills and still works for the wrong people. Disabled are talking the talk, but unable to walk it.  The Deaf are marching backwards as fast as their limbs allow.

Friday, 26 October 2018

Disabled? Diferently abled? whatever!!!


What wasn't identified is the sole area to blame for labels and perceived 'norms', the activists of the cultural signing minorities who use culture as a blunt tool/means of penning deaf people into a community of inequality and to  'adopt the position' as defined by them.

All that alongside of the nonsense of Deafhood and pseudo-academic and unfounded claims of rights and language are just a few other things that are gross distortions of fact and not any priority amidst most of us.  By far, most rank and file people with deafness and hearing loss, are frustrated at the direction of awareness these people are relentlessly flooding online with that bear little or no relation as to who we are, what we need, real awareness of what we use, or recognition of ourselves as individuals, and not a collective, hell-bent on living in some parallel universe as some weird idea or real independence enabled by a lifetime of reliance on others whilst undermining our support at the same time.

They are banking on the majority remaining silent because if they weren't deaf culture would cease to be in its present form.  It is always welcome to see an image of a deaf person that doesn't start with sign language too, as this image is one many deaf activists are trying to bury and suggest is a minority when it is the actual majority.  They work on the basis those who don't sign are against deaf people or are even those hated 'Oralists'.  We DON'T hate people who can speak, we don't hate people who don't sign, we don't attack others who use alternative or medical interventions.

Because we respect choices and realities.  The fact few real choices yet exist enables these outcasts to thrive, but that won't always be the case.

Happy Birthday Mr James!

For 15 years, James Anthony, who is deaf, has cleaned the halls of Hickerson Elementary School in Tullahoma, Tenn. But on Tuesday, a group of kindergartners gave back by surprising their beloved “Mr. James” with a surprise chorus for his 60th birthday — through sign language. The adorable video was shared on the Hickerson Elementary Facebook page, where it was seen more than 100,000 times by Thursday morning. “Our Kindergarten classes learned how to sign Happy Birthday for Mr. James’ birthday today. He was so surprised!” the school wrote. 

The video shows Anthony walking into a classroom as a group of kids begin singing (and signing). He starts off smiling, then his jaw drops open and he puts his hands to his hand and laughs for joy as he realizes what’s going on. A few adults lead the kids through the whole song as Anthony watches, a wide smile on his face. As they finish, wipes tears from his eyes. “He was overwhelmed with it. It just was a spur of the moment thing and they just did it. He had his hands over his face, at the end he was tearing up. It just touched him,” Hickerson Elementary secretary Bonnie Scott said in a phone interview with McClatchy. 

The kids at Hickerson Elementary love and respect Mr. James, Scott said. They give him high fives in the halls, and he even teaches them sign language sometimes. “We’ve seen him sign a couple of times with the little ones who don’t communicate well, and they’re learning sign language with him,” Scott said. As Anthony’s birthday approached, teachers Amy Hershman and Allyssa Hartsfield decided they were going to organize the surprise, NewsChannel5 reported. 

“James is awesome and is always saying how much I put a smile on his face, but today he has definitely put smiles on faces all around the world,” Hartsfield said, according to the station. Hickerson Principal Jimmy Anderson said Anthony teaches the kids “good manners and how to treat other people,” according to Fox 17. He’s worked in the county for more than 20 years, The Tennessean reported. People on social media were moved by the video and wished Mr. James a happy birthday as well. 

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

What can you do about hearing loss?

Learning sign....

When are we going to have classes where deaf people learn to more effectively communicate with hearing?  This awareness does seem rather one-way and singular in approach and does not suggest the Deaf have to make any real effort themselves, indeed, suggests we are incapable..

15 advantages of Captions/Transcripts.

So why is there a sector of deaf activism opposed to this access?

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

There's NICE.

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We are delighted to see that hearing loss has been given a priority in the latest guidelines from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).  The section entitled ‘Hearing Loss in Adults: assessment and management’ covers some aspects of managing hearing loss in primary, community and secondary care. 

The guidelines offer advice to health-care staff on assessing hearing difficulties, managing ear wax and when to refer people for audiological or specialist assessment and management. They cover adults aged over 18 years of age and can be a useful source of information for people with hearing loss, their families and carers. 

To read the guide in full visit  HERE.

NICE include referral recommendations for when adults present with sudden onset or rapid worsening of hearing loss, in one or both ears, which is not explained by ear wax or middle ear causes. This can be a medical emergency should be investigated further.

We welcome the advice on clinical ear care (Wax removal) which highlights the importance of only using practitioners who have had training and are experts in this field. At Aston Hearing, our qualified specialist offer micro-suction as a safe, gentle method of wax removal which is endowed by NICE along with ear irrigation as an alternative. They highlight that ear syringing should not be used and patients should never try to manually remove wax by inserting any object into the ear canal. This can cause more lasting damage to the ear and hearing. 

There is also information on follow up care and how to access additional help and hearing dives if appropriate. 

Special Education...

What is “Special” about Special Education for Students who are D/HH? from RMTC-D/HH on Vimeo.

Resource Materials and Technology Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (RMTC-D/HH) demystifies the confusion of the relationship between Specially Designed Instruction, Expanded Skills for Deaf Hard of Hearing (ES-D/HH) (also known as Expanded Core Curriculum), Universal Instruction, and Response to Intervention (RtI) within a Multitiered system of supports (MTSS) for educators developing, improving and maintaining systems of support for all students. 

Teachers can easily be overwhelmed with all these initiatives and how to apply them in their instruction of students. This training will give you a brief overview of how these research-based practices all work together to improve student outcomes. Then participants will explore resources to drive instructional practices and service delivery for individual students who are deaf and hard-of-hearing. Finally, brief examples will be included on how to incorporate the information in a communication plan and an IEP.

Stop Hearing Teaching ASL!

Maybe stop them learning too? But that would mean no deaf get support who use ASL... and deaf children failing to get an education. Practically the deaf community hasn't the teaching staff or qualified people to go it alone, this old chestnut was mooted in the UK and dropped for that reason.

Creating demand for deaf teachers with English backgrounds wasn't possible. The issue with Deaf teaching sign is it is done without the 'hearing experience' which would make it effective, and who can bridge the issues of grammar, which the Deaf refuse to do!  Any class would be held via a Terp defeating the point as hearing tend to gravitate to hearing. aka the terp. 

Successful deaf tuition would rely on deaf teachers having speech and wide knowledge of hearing people.  You can't approach education from a remote standpoint when you are trying to address areas outside it.  Note:  you can not make deafies out of hearing people.... And deaf teachers lack the bilingual qualification to teach the awareness of ASL (Or BSL for that matter).  For sign language or culture to carry to the mainstream you need the hearing input or it would deteriorate into activist lecture and seminar.

Can deaf pass a teaching exam bilingually?

Disability Awareness Month

Deaf aren't disabled, but the image certainly suggested she was and with a high level of dependency too. Wonder if she registered 'Legally Deaf' and claimed welfare as a disabled person...... or attended special education?  Some deaf are disabled when they need to be!

Sunday, 21 October 2018

How deaf am I ?

Hate Crime (UK)

Reporting hate crime is an issue because it isn't clarified what exactly 'Hate' is, even who reports it and to whom. E.G. many local authorities/housing areas never recorded deaf hate and would only act on profile ethnic and black/gender areas.  There was an emerging 'pecking order' of people being subject to hate by the system responding to populist imaging. We would prefer to see the police giving a full and detailed explanation as to the law regarding hate crime, as many deaf are stating it is being passed off as a 'misunderstanding' or the deaf are 'imagining' things. 

We also need DEAF people to understand that not everything that happens is Hate, and to avoid the current profile media bandwagons that label everyone and everything as hate-oriented.. Years ago ATR reported 3 cases of 'hate crime' in one south welsh area alone, and the appaling response by the police to it. Deaf had had homes attacking by arsonists, beaten up and robbed (Which the police said isn't hate crime), and one single deaf parent had to send her child away to her father for safety after being hounded by gangs of youths, which again the police said was not a hate crime and could not be brought to court anyway.

Deaf people lost the will to complain.  Police insisted the 'deaf' hadn't 'understood' properly, then when the deaf stuck to their guns and persisted with the complaint, they were advised to move away from the people hating them, even told to get medical notes to say they were depressed to get priority re-housing, leaving the haters with a win situation and the crime of hate neutralised.