Sunday, 18 November 2018

Adjusting your iOS system (for the hearing impaired)

The Apostles of Silence..

Image result for SIlence!Which includes not only born deaf but acquired and deafened people too.  The sorry state of ASL extremists with their relentless attacks on A.G.Bell etc looks like clouding the futures and undermining deaf options for the future.  

The UK has its loony fringes too but they tend to be a lot more cynical about it, practicality means making it pay. Curiously the UK's solitary oral deaf school is leading the fight on silence because once many students leave school they use their obvious oral advantages and superior education to run the lesser able BSL area.  Thus proving in the land of the deaf the one-eared king (Or more able lip-reader), still rules.  But many with better oral skills are rejecting sign language and its promotion too... 

"My voice is a curse, it's meant communication support is refused to me unless I use sign language.   Nobody believes I am deaf most of the time because 'The deaf can't talk..' view is paramount everywhere and promoted as the image of deaf people and all sign language awareness and tuition is based on the deaf being dumb.  They don't use speech in UK sign classwork because cultists objected.  BSL classes now being replaced by 'cultural seminars' with sign thrown in for a price.

It's no use stating they are talking about 'D deaf' not 'd deaf', or any other deaf, because they have no idea what that means, they see deaf people signing with a terp and a lot of 'face pulling' without speech, so assume we are all like that, when it isn't even representative of their area.  The images on USA media where ASL terps are more prominent than the officials they interpret for, is a false image too, as most refer to the text not the sign.  Recent concerns terps were displaying own political views in the UK, with very exaggerated faces and others who are aiming to be in some 'X-Factor' situation amongst the Deaf is a problem in that the reliance on it being neutral or even accurate interpretation is becoming a real issue.

The reliance of Deaf on interpreters needs much stronger and stringent monitoring. Anyone with a hearing background can see huge gaps in the interpretation of sign accuracy to the spoken reality, and detail goes by the board mostly because the user switches off mainly because they lack the signing skills to follow it.  Level VI BSL skills aimed at Level II deaf means too many corners are cut. The signing standard with deaf people just isn't good enough to maximise its usage.   Even then they will find co-workers and a host of others in the mainstream, who don't sign at all and won't enable translation.

The fact these deaf leave a deaf school and then no longer pursue own signing skills is a norm too.  Hearing have to train,  re-train, and train again through their working life, Deaf stand still waiting for .... What exactly? I have no idea what this recent drive of sign and community or culture is about, it maybe alludes to some 'cultist' approach to hearing loss, some sort of justification for sign not being able to cut it where it is needed.  Most of it is about money really, you can 'sell' sign language, you cannot sell hearing loss but that has made many issues of access and equality for those not born with the silver spoon of sign in their mouths or even those who are hard of hearing.

Many oral deaf can sign, it's no big deal, but most know its value is limited in a hearing world they have to live in, so common sense suggests it should be recognised for what it is, a form of 'social communication' within strict parameters of usage that is a hindrance to deaf advancement.  The reality most signers rely on captions and subtitling clouds the whole thing, take the text away they would struggle, as would we all.  The cultural answer is to relentlessly promote language/bilingualism, deafhood, oppose text assists, and medical intervention, to adopt the sheer joy of being out of it all and all deaf together, which usually means most not in a job or anything, isolated, and limited to social areas where everyone else is as deprived as you are.

If that is culture and sold as it is the reality, one wonders how many would carry on with it.  The answer is to blame hearing for not being deaf and signing too, yay! a whole new area of martyrs then rally to the cause and paranoia reigns supreme.  The D becomes discrimination. More power to the bent elbow with help from the law, so, why has it NOT led to any improvement?  

The 98.6% of those with hearing loss have mostly left them to it and adopted technology alternatives, which is a mistake because they carry on unchallenged and mislead with blatant self-promotion.  Technology supports solitary pursuits too so we are all going to hell in a  handcart.  As regards TO oral deaf support, the UK hasn't any system, which only tends to aid those who laud silence.  You just get BSL offered even if you cannot use it, want it, or know it.

They should come to my area where systems are falling over themselves to offer me something I don't want anyway (BSL), which tends to refute the claims deaf people AREN'T getting BSL support, take mine..  PLEASE!  But replace it with an oral support system instead.  It's astounding in the 21stc there isn't such a system for what is the overwhelming majority."