Monday, 3 December 2018

Is Deaf support really Necessary?

Related imageOur weekly look at trawling social media deaf issues, including signing deaf relay support and interpreting.

#1  "Old fogies like myself will recall it is why the text relay Typetalk in the UK failed, near every call they hung up on you!  Ditto with minicoms really, where they played Vivaldi at you for hours..   

#2 I avoid relay systems because they aren't necessary unless you are illiterate, even deaf signers aren't that."

#3 "Yes, near every area has a website and e-mail access, systems do too, and even local tradespeople have a mobile you can text to, I've not used sign support for years... and feel more empowered than I have ever been."

#4 "It is time the deaf re-appraised 3rd party support and a blind acceptance a lifetime of reliance is inevitable, take control of your own life.. we aren't a job creation system for hearing people."

#5 "In employment 3rd party support is a death wish in regards to being hired, they will assume you cannot function without it.  yes we can refer to the law, but they will still find a way to block you.  You have to show you are more than your hearing loss and not carry it about like a latter-day albatross, employers have no time for the politics of deafness, they just want proof you can do the job."

#6 "A recent blog I read a deaf woman was turned down over a 1,000s times for a job, it wasn't actually stated if she needed support to participate in an interview, or what kind, which is what I wanted to read. you can't help feeling the actual approach and format wasn't included for some reason.  We didn't know WHY employers turned her down except SHE said it was because she was deaf."

#7 "We make a rod for our own backs by declaring we cannot communicate unless other people facilitate that, that's just making yourself unemployable."

#8 "I think sign relay systems are more about cost-cutting to health systems, and a recognition there will never be enough sign interpreters anyway, and/or some sort of deaf-cultural/political stance, cos those Deaf never talk communication, only preference and rights, then don't use it for either when they get it except to claim it still isn't working."

#9 "We have a right to support, but, do we all really NEED it in many areas?  There are alternatives to use, so the choice seems to be reliance on much for empowering us all!"

Deaf Village (Ireland).

Deaf Village Ireland from Deaf Village Ireland on Vimeo.

ATR Apologises to readers who now find the video isn't there due to a European internet directive, so the USA can't watch it here.  It's a puzzle as ATR is within the EU!  Shortly after posting they pulled it it's all European bollox.  Here is the most recent I can otherwise find.

Deaf Stereotypes

Forgot to include: All Deaf Sign. All Deaf demand signed education. All Deaf belong to the deaf community. All Deaf include and respect others with hearing loss. Most Deaf do not require captioned access except within the system. 

Some glaring omissions.  Including the stated 'Deafinitions' not being identified as pure unadulterated propaganda about their idea of own stereotyping being disguised as a culture.

Mental Health and Hearing Loss

Deaf can do what we can't!

I want to spread a message to all the people in the community who has dreams or something you’re passionate about, it’s a struggle that we live in a world where there’s no equality with the hearing world but it doesn’t mean that you should stop doing what you love doing! Enjoy the video! 

Been working hard on this project for a few months now and I’m so grateful on this project that I came up with. All your love and support will truly appreciate me! LIKE and SHARE to our deaf community!! To the deaf talents in the video where many people in our community look up to, to feel inspired and happy for what you do! Don’t ever plan on stopping and keep going!