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When pupils disrespect HI teachers.

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As Deaf.Read increasingly appears to veer away from deaf issues to trivia perhaps time to get back to issues that really concern the hearing loss areas.

Like on social media:

Query: "Any teachers in the group have tips for classroom management when you're missing snippy things that students are saying under their breath? My principal has spoken to me about missing things that students have been saying. He was very understanding and asked if there are any accommodations the school can make, but I'm not even sure what to ask for."

#1  I have the same issue in my classroom :(

#2 Use a Bluetooth streamer and remote microphone..both paired with your hearing aids.., either PHONAK or OTICON  e.g.

#3 They will just do the same outside the classroom in my experience, I don't think bugging them helps. The only course then is stern letters to parents about disrespect, the media snowflakes getting more coverage and confusing the whole thing, and the parents hitting back with spying on kids allegations, punishing the kids won't help at all, spying on them worse!

#4 But you need to make them understand it is upsetting to the teacher with hearing loss and notify the head and parents to make their children aware it is hurtful...

#3 I'd resist the lecture personally. The fact people are saying or whispering things does not prove they are saying it about your hearing loss, by definition the teacher doesn't know what it is said.  The teacher needs to find a better way to reconnect to the kids. Kids could be talking about nothing to do with the lesson, the teacher or the school. Wouldn't be the first to assume what wasn't said! 

#5 No awareness lecture, threat, or law has ever succeeded, because people don't like being told they are wrong, even when they know, so I agree, you need more subtle means to inform and educate. 

#6 Make light of it?  find better ways to ensure they connect to the teacher etc includes them, don't establish a defensive position, kids like a battle and there are more of them!  Do not tell them off as this establishes another barrier. Most sniggers (If that is a proven), are down to embarrassment and ignorance, not deliberate design. As with all such issues, there is a hardcore, so you ID/isolate those, but don't isolate the rest as well!

#4 The head needs to inform children and parents what they are doing is discrimination against the deaf.

#5 No! it makes things worse, and, the teacher posting here isn't deaf, did you even read the comment?


Once upon a time in the Deaf World.

Image result for fantasy artHi! (Looking for deaf fantasy fans and books).

I'm a novelist working on an urban fantasy novella featuring a deaf protagonist that I'd really like some feedback on. It’s a rather specific genre, so I'm trying not to waste the time of people with no interest in these kinds of stories, but I'm struggling to find an area in the deaf community specifically catering to SFF media. In brief, it's an urban fantasy thriller with a deaf protagonist stranded in Tokyo after an implant causes her to hear things no one else can. (Bad things, taking us into fantasy/horror territory.) 

This novella connects to a wider series I’m writing and I’d really like to bring this character into the main storyline, but not being deaf myself I'm wary of presenting her correctly. I’ve had admittedly little involvement in the deaf community so far, but it’s been an interest since I worked at a company developing an app to assist communities with disabilities.

If this is something that might appeal to you, or you know somewhere that I might be able to find someone who can help, please get in touch! Ideally, I'd like to find some beta readers for the book, but even if a little discussion over a few factors of the story would be a great help.

Thank you for your time either way!

Best regards,

Phil Williams


Have you tried 'Deafhood' by Paddy Ladd?  A bigger fairy story and horror fantasy about the deaf would be impossible to find.  Or even 'Really Not interested in the Deaf' by Doug Alker?

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Human Rights Day 2018

An abject failure mostly, with both the USA and the UK accusing the UN et al with allowing Human Rights abusers as members and wanting out, as the Human Rights Law is 'Unfit for purpose' in the 21stc and empowers only the extremes..

As regards to the rights of the deaf child, omissions of reality are a bit unfair here.  Initially, education of the deaf child (Direction), is primarily a parental (Legal), responsibility and dependant on state provision.  The issue of choice is also one of human rights, so there is no one deaf size that fits all.

We should be stating it is important a deaf child is enable to communicate as effectively as possible, and those still unable, to have the appropriate support in place.

As to teaching a  deaf child how to do that, it also varies child by child.  There is still a huge debate on the value of sign appropriation in regards to it being a really viable tool as an adult or an 'in' to other languages.  Or, that sufficient language and cultural teaching support exists to make any of it work, with teachers to the deaf pandering to activism demands, and demanding non-curriculum approaches.. again, leaving the deaf child without the same knowledge as their hearing peers get, or the literacy equivelant.

At present emotive campaigns exist based on promoting the deaf cultural membership, which is rooted in sign use, and not as such, enabling the  deaf child to have much more than just a singular option to sign to another deaf person using the same mode.  It's a policy of perpetual reliance and dependence on others whilst the back up systems of deaf schools and clubs is diminishing as we write and the deaf youth preferring text as a medium.

The idea of educating any child is to assist independence and provide options, deaf education as proposed does neither and may well induce a tiered approach to the deaf child's education creating have or have nots, dependent on sign use, teaching availability,  and post/Zip code, we would be back to sending off the deaf child to boarding schools stuck out in a  field somewhere to enhance their isolation with some 'back to the future' approach that has already failed....  

As stated the expertise with the deaf went with it so would need to be re-trained, and still have to comply with with the inclusion laws which deaf schools don't.  Access to the world outside the deaf one requires as many  options taught as possible to follow the spoken and written word, whether other deaf agree or not, does not count because this is how the world works.  I don't believe the deaf want to wander off to a world of their own.  It is restricting the deaf child to one mode with no options but to rely on support for it to work.  This is NOT choice or empowerment, and the rights argument is a smoke screen.

There are many alternatives and additional means which may be taught to the deaf child to enable them to use alternatives when sign use fails, but, this is being opposed and the reliance on sign inhibits the will or option for the deaf to attempt anything  else, to add to their misery, cultural activism assures them its hearing people's fault not theirs (The activists) for corralling the deaf into a corner.

Children who rely on sign do not seek other options, that is the reality.  So it kills access to a large degree by restricting its formats so other means cannot work.  It is pretty below the belt, activism of the 'Deaf' variety is using children as a blunt tool to get what THEY want and not, what the deaf child needs to survive a hearing world.

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

The Deal

Deaf Studies: Sign not young deaf preference.

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When it comes to communication it seems our young deaf prefer text to sign language for most communications.  Deaf should listen to this since it comes from their OWN research.  Or will the hard-liners still tilt at windmills?  It clearly identifies sign use as 'strictly for social usage only'.  It's of concern older deaf exist who do not understand how to do a text.

This study is the only comprehensive survey to date of the text communication preferences of deaf people who cannot or prefer not to use voice telephony in the United Kingdom. Respondents covered a wide age range, became deaf or hard of hearing at different ages, and had different communication preferences. 

Generally, respondents used several forms of text communication, selecting them for particular purposes. E-mail was the most widely used form of text communication, but SMS was the most used by younger respondents. 

The most prominent reasons for liking different forms of text communication were that they were easy or fast. Older respondents were more likely to give “not knowing how to” as a reason for not using particular forms of communication and would have liked more information about what text communication is available.

Monday, 10 December 2018


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I'm just saddened at the complete disinformation and bias this post has aired.  

All this 'hate' about CI's and the deaf that have them is not good an image for the sign user, or for its perceived culture. It's barely a step apart from the 'deaf wanabee' views of old.

It's hate messenging passed off as 'fact'. We know CI's do not restore perfect hearing it's old news, but advances are coming on a regular basis.  We should be happy for those deaf who now have some semblence of a world outside their silent own, and, the opportunities CI's will help them to achieve, including the deaf child able to advance far quicker than just left with poor and random sign educational tuition that isn't helping deaf much either.

In all this 'Audism' nonsense and bile, fact is in the mind of the writer more than anything.  As a blog to encourage unity, an absolute non-event, irrrelvance, and an annoyance.  Notwithstanding, a complete side-lining of parental input and view and an assault on choice. 

Omissions that born deaf adults have taken up CI's too are too inconvenient for them to include also are damning.  Even 80yr old born deaf taking them in the USA.  It is suggested near 60% young deaf now have them.  There is no proof they withdraw from the 'community' either, or, that this community objects to them.  The danger of 'purism'  is it becomes divisionist, and our deaf are too ostracised now.

Whilst the poster rants at CI's, a far different scenario is more a threat to such people, that of increasing success in mapping the genome sequences and identifying traits and issues that disable or kill.  By far this area offers an opportunity to prevent deaf being born via identitifcation of deafness genes, but, without re-sequencing options. Choice is then simple no baby or a deaf one.  

It should be pointed out the USA is the leader in such choice taking and already has prevented deaf baby births.  Deaf women have prevented disability births by choice.  Recently in china it is alleged gene splicing to remove deafness has already taken place.

Parents would want same choice, world-wide it affects far more than deafness.  The reality is that IF a parent has a viable choice for a deaf/disabled child (they don't at present and that's the issue), or, one with neither issue they will take the latter painful as it is to those for whom choice comes far too late.  

CI's are the last of your audism trouble.  It's not audist to offer the deaf alleviation from silence, its a gift. And, they are still deaf without them. So what's the beef? they don't 'look deaf'This is audism in reverse, deafism.

Virtual Interpreting project.

Sign Solutions Forced into access U-Turn?

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But still resisting captioned access.  Following ATR's complaint some BSL videos by SS were not captioned or subtitled they have agreed to provide a text narrative.  

Whilst ATR has reservations videos will STILL not be captioned directly.  What is the BSL justification for blocking access to videos direct by captioning and subtiling?  The 'Deaf' cannot read?  The 'deaf' don't want to know? But Sign Solutions is just one of many BSL areas that are not requesting inclusion of captioning for all.

Read Below:


Thank you for responding.

There will be English and welsh written translation when these clips are made live on website and press.  So accessible to all.

Clare Vale
Sign Solutions (SLIA), Ltd.


Still not happy as this still suggests a refusal to caption BSL output as a norm.  It doesn't answer the query, why they never offfered such access until ATR complained?  They would still have offered no access?  Also the videos were already live on youtube.

It appears a fudge/sop to access while  blocking captioning in reality.  ATR has noted a number of Public Informational health videos in BSL also not captioning output in Wales and even BSL interpreters endorsing and participating in this obstruction, but also a number of videos not having a  narrative for non signers to follow either,  including 2  sites blocked auto-captoning, others turned the sound off so it couldn't happen.  

It appears Sign Solutions is only providing a narrative  now because of the equality in Law of the welsh language, and not because SS wants to caption for other deaf.  This is by-passing inclusion as some 'sop' to culture, and/or a fear BSL cannot compete with text. If BSL users have a right to signed access, then so do text users, there is no opt out to access.

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Why Deaf educational Approaches are chaotic?

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Continuing recent coverage of online debates you WON'T find in the usual areas (From the Deaf 'Dark Web').  It is sign and deaf education (Again), and opposes the NDCS and those adult deaf activists who call for BSL education and use 12/14yr old deaf children as a front for the deaf-politic.

"Literacy is all, It transcends culture or disability as a priority, your life is reflected in how literate you are, not what deaf school you went to, because without it you cannot advance or improve. It also demands true bilingualism being taught to the deaf child.  As regards to the deaf people, their language and communication is dependent on literacy too, you have to be literate in own  'preferred' systems or it doesn't work, uneducated cultural groups are no use to man nor beast let alone themselves... Ironically the most 'able' deaf are those who DO NOT RELY on sign language alone."

"Most suffering sadly are in that position because there is no real established tuition of effective BSL communication, they are trying to establish such a system now against a tide or grammatical English text which like Canute you cannot reverse, and a total lack of resource to make it happen.  If you have issues learning,  deaf or hearing, then your 'language' suffers too.  Poor sign awareness by deaf is ignored, even challenged for some reason under the assumption I am deaf and I use sign so I am the expert in it.  They are experts on using someone else to follow! yes. " 

"The reasons abound why culture and sign is the magic bullet for deaf people, the problem is who holds the gun.   Opposition to learning the primary means society uses to communicate, because 'Deaf prefer...'  is an opt out and bilinguality a myth too as it needs facilitation to work.  Preference doesn't come into it as a deaf child.

It should be pointed out a 'preference' isn't a defined NEED, and not valid in rights terms without context.  The UK, indeed all western countries, define need via observation and assessment, not wishful thinking.  Such approaches may well determine singular sign use is not the best way for some deaf to communicate,  or they may simply be unable to learn sign via APD and such, or do not possess the necessary skills to maximise it effectively, ignorance may be bliss if you are deaf, and you can always blame hearing if all else fails, is not really cutting it."

"Its hard enough for hearing children to master the curriculum in a  system designed for it, let alone telling a deaf one they have to learn two when we know they opt for the easiest regardless of academic attainment or effectiveness.  The assumption is so long as you can communicate to other deaf, the rest doesn't count!"

"Thereby hangs a tale and a very lengthy discourse on deaf rights! As regards to the UK, BSL pretty much rules here as communication access regardless. We don't have an effective relay service for health for all with hearing loss, as it is all BSL. It's a complete myth Deaf aren't being served, they are the only Hearing Loss sector that are. There is no lip-speaking provision or palantype system. Many UK courts seem totally unaware the deaf have right of access in any format too, if we are talking discrimination' deafened and HoH face a lot more than these deaf ever do."

"In many respects, the system is brainwashed to believe all deaf people sign, and public info videos e.g are being turned out with nil captions because 'deaf prefer sign' despite there being no statistic to back it up, and other deaf and HoH having to demand an alternative PI video to follow, which piles further expense and confusion on service providers already cash-strapped.  The lack of a coherent or unifed approach by the non-'Deaf' is a conundrum albeit it is suggested they have manged to gain access without the martryrdom approach, the access, or the cash input..  Albeit they lost the awareness high ground altogether."

"Deaf don't have to provide statistical proof of need do they? they use the rights, language, and cultural argument. E.G. The UK binned a weekly disability TV program, but kept a BSL one despite there being negligible viewing and offered to fund them another online too, the power of using culture as a lever.  It drove them out of the mainstream via the bribe, but perhaps that's what they deserved anyway there doesn't appear much of a will to be included.

"I do recall the emergence of the BSL dictionary (which is not all that long ago), and the rows over the content, and the format, it was pretty clear it had insufficient proof the signs were used, or even extant in many cases and there was a mad scramble to invent some on the spot to fill out the book. Technical/Academic sign language is still in its infancy and struggles with terms and details.  It's ludicrous to suggest BSL can be used as a primary format in Higher education.  So its a step up from a sign class learning colours and such.  The emphasis on BSL via 'politics' is undermining the deaf future because of no viable system of teaching it and lack of ephasis on basic needs."

"I concur, grassroots did not understand 68% of the dictionary content. I'm betting even today they don't as the teachers for the deaf don't either. The issue was allowing the deaf themselves to create a dictionary on their own terms, but with little regard to uniformity in any grammatical sense and repetitive signs for same things insisting a facial change altered context etc, the detail really struggles. teaching it as a primary means is pretty chaotic really. 

The UK approach is to assist the deaf child to follow a national curriculum based on the home language.   There were many concerns the dictionary creators, lacked sufficient academic qualification to create such an essential basis for their languge.  It's still an issue where regions are countering the BSL dictionary and criticising it because of an attempt to normalise it in the UK, (which would actually be a plus and a standard could be set allowing the deaf child to attain the skill.)"

"The ultimate irony about BSL is that only HEARING people have to pass exams in it! and the deaf adult fails to hone or improve own skills.  They believe as they are deaf and sign, they know all there is to know as 'native' users.  We could ask then, why they struggle in education and following own interpreters who are far more qualified in BSL than they are. " 

"Yes, 'Dumbing down' by hearing terps defeats the whole point, and the refusal of deaf to accept they have a learning disability caused by poor communicatio to then blame it on not enough BSL just makes the confusion and lack of progress more terminal.."  

"They will be all dressed up to go, but with no destination.  As their clubs continue to decline, assitsive approaches improve, and their schools get closed, immersive BSL is a 'Deaf Wish' on a hiding to nothing, everything would rely on mainstream benevolence and paying to support its use, meanwhile the mainstream moves on...  Deaf are coining it now with handouts and funding for their culture that won't always be the norm, and at the expence of a proper education, we should be questioning its priorities."