Tuesday, 11 December 2018

The Deal

Deaf Studies: Sign not young deaf preference.

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When it comes to communication it seems our young deaf prefer text to sign language for most communications.  Deaf should listen to this since it comes from their OWN research.  Or will the hard-liners still tilt at windmills?  It clearly identifies sign use as 'strictly for social usage only'.  It's of concern older deaf exist who do not understand how to do a text.

This study is the only comprehensive survey to date of the text communication preferences of deaf people who cannot or prefer not to use voice telephony in the United Kingdom. Respondents covered a wide age range, became deaf or hard of hearing at different ages, and had different communication preferences. 

Generally, respondents used several forms of text communication, selecting them for particular purposes. E-mail was the most widely used form of text communication, but SMS was the most used by younger respondents. 

The most prominent reasons for liking different forms of text communication were that they were easy or fast. Older respondents were more likely to give “not knowing how to” as a reason for not using particular forms of communication and would have liked more information about what text communication is available.