Wednesday, 19 December 2018

How the UK removed lip-reading choice.

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In the wake of Sign Solution getting negative feedback on BSL only access, and about poor captioning dedciation for BSL output, a leading UK charity has advertised their non-inclusive approach as a way forward too.

Well  SignSolutions is an area that provides... sign for cash. It makes a living promoting BSL.  As a reader said:

The question here really is, did deaf people ask for this?  Or did a sign language organisation decide to supply this service because they thought deaf people ought to have it? (and of course, they get paid for supplying it). The fact is that there are far greater numbers of oral/lipreading deaf people in a hospital and they need every bit as much help. But strangely enough, they don't get it.

As regards to lip-reading/spoken access, there is no record of any UK area providing it, or UK systems designed to support it on any sort of organised basis. We know BSL people refused to include that too, mostly on the grounds speech is 'oralism' and insulting, even offensive, to the deaf.  

It can be clearly argued lip-readers are being dumped out of it, regardless of views on its effectiveness.  Which raises the question why bother teaching it, when there is nowhere they can effectively utilise or get support for it?  

Between this biased approach to captions and a blanket non-inclusion of lip-speaking, this allows huge awareness of hearing loss need to be consigned to the bin in the pursuit of populist sign approaches, most haven't asked for, and really the UK's leading hearing loss charity should be refusing to air or support such output on the grounds it challenges awareness and distorts it, while oppressing other deaf people who prefer to lip-read or speak.

It also suggests the UK's leading Deaf school that uses oral tuition is being undermined too by removing choice on access provision.  Less than subtle assaults on oral tuition to encourage more signed approaches, again that aren't going to happen.

Perhaps ATLA or the AOHL would like to respond on the issue of lip-reading access? Or have they abandoned it too?