Tuesday, 25 December 2018

IDS may close....

The Irish Deaf Society is at risk of closure as Government does not decide on funding from Irish Deaf Society on Vimeo.

Why can't the deaf fund it themselves?  Could it be, that like the UK Counterpart the BDA, they simply do not have the membership?  Is it not time the 'Deaf' community stood on its own feet, and not continually held out the hand for charity?

10 facts about BSL....

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10 Facts About BSL, from THIS site (The UK's largest HoH charity)...

1. It is a basic language with a tiny vocabulary.

2. If there are no other sign language users around then it is no use at all.

3. It cannot deal with the abstract. 

4. Very few deaf people are really fluent in BSL.

5.The best qualified people in the Deaf world are hearing interpreters.

6.It is impossible to convey fine shades of meaning.

7. There are no tenses, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions or other grammatical forms.

8. Although sign languages go back hundreds of years, BSL does not. It is a 20th Century amalgamation of a number of traditional sign languages.

9. The majority of BSL users can also speak, read and write in English. It is very rare for an individual to be dependent entirely on sign.

10. Because BSL was traditionally taught in Deaf schools its use has declined quite severely because deaf children are increasingly taught in English.

"It's always been a complete mystery to me they teach a form of communication only THEY can follow, and then expect everyone else will comply with it.  The cult of signing aspects is also a retrograde step in the advancement of deaf people.  

They dream of the days of old when deaf schools were breeding grounds for sign language and community,  it created a huge inter-reliance on each other and created a huge reliance too on hearing to assist them, the way it is marketed as enhancing independence, has to be the cruellest aspect of most of it, given the mainstream uses none of their approaches or trains people to work using it leaving deaf with very few opportunities to pursue a job with a wage, and resentful sign hasn't worked for them except in disability funding and assisted job opportunities via welfare so they blame hearing and mainstream again for not adopting BSL too.  

The reality there just are not enough support workers to aid them goes over the heads too, but, they still demand them while using family support most of the time, thus killing the very demand they say they need..  The glaring gaps between reality and preferences is there for all to see, but the biggest issue isn't just sign language but ignorance...  Some never-ending desire to be a martyr without a real cause or aim.  Then they kill challenges that expose those realities by labelling it discrimination.  If they continue in the same vein then isolated and non-inclusion will be a norm ALL the time.  

They aren't adapting and that is a death wish of opportunity and education, offering the deaf child little or no hope but that 'The community will provide..'  Fortunately, it is a minority of biased self-interest loosely titled deaf activism, a small but highly motivated area determined to control the deaf by feeding paranoia, and openly profiteering by deaf reliance, a direct challenge to their claims of liberating deaf people from 'oppressive hearing', what is one more lie amidst many?"