Tuesday, 15 January 2019


As the UK faces up to the vote on the European deal, ATR explains why Brexit is vital to the UK's future and leaving the European Union is essential for our own well-being.

Essentially, its Germany-France that is bringing Europe down.  It's an open secret these two countries control the EU.  Ever since we voted Brexit all negotiations had to go first through those two countries and THEN to the EU after.  Mrs May knew who was running the EU Circus, prior to the end of the last negotiations she had to make an appeal for better terms, where did she appeal?  To Mrs Merkle and Mini-me in Paris, NOT Brussels.  Sadly the UK MP's decided to vote against the electorate and against their own parties.  This meant Mrs May was unable to secure a deal and then here MP's blamed her for what she got, which of course was bugger all, because the EU could see the UK government as jerks and mugs basically.
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What Germany could not do with bombs to the UK in WW2 they are doing by stealth and deceit via the insidious EU27 virus that has infiltrated every facet of British life to create a huge dependency on Europe.  Firstly, dangling the carrot of free trade, and free movement, then backing it up with the stick of huge control over the entire UK itself.  The UK is at present being run by faceless Eurocrats in Brussels.

We all know when a deal seems too good to be true it means just that.  The UK government and its people had sleepwalked to 45 years of subservience and only now because those who profited by it are scared shitless the EU will pull the plug on them, are they turning on their own democracy to maintain their own greedy status quo.  

For shame, those who want to stay in the EU and oppose democracy at any price. What is the price they will pay? MORE EU control over what we say, live and do, less standing in Europe, or anywhere else, an outcast, a piddling little island with more laws we will have to accept with no voice to oppose either.  

We knew (Brexiteers), there would be no gain without pain, of course, the degree of pain is shocking, I don't doubt Brexiteers themselves are horrified at the level of control the EU has over the UK that has emerged since the referendum.  More reason to put an end to it.   We need to get on with it and run our own country and make our own MP's, a complete and utter shower, redundant, they have made the UK a laughing stock by their inadequacy to rule.  We also need a constitution, it is staggering we don't have one, and this has led to democracy being a sham.

Britain used to be a nation of shopkeepers now, its a nation of Asian shopkeepers and migrants, multiculturalism has become secularism and divisions, and diversity has become divide and rule, and anti-democracy.   At every level the native Brits have been replaced, demonised, or undermined by their own government and their own business and commerce, capitalising on cheap foreign labour, i.e. what business we still own as Asia and Europe own most of it now.  
Image result for NO DEALIt has left our own children with dead-end education, with little or no future as a result, whilst our needy, homeless, our sick, our disabled, and our vulnerable have been sacrificed on the altar of profit and hatred with over 110,000 native Brits paying the ultimate price, death, via cuts to their support and cuts to the NHS to maintain our health.  At every major level, the EU27 has been bad for Britain.

Trade was always in their favour, and, we paid billions for that privilege.  Free trade was a MYTH.  When we joined the EU there were just 6 countries, over the years they invited in another 21 of them! all poor and struggling, that the better off 6 have to subsidise,  it was a good deal only for THEM.   Europe even wanted Turkey to join a country dedicated to supporting IS and Al Queda and flooding Europe with IS foot soldiers and attacking those fighting them.  Europe desperately tried to backpedal and pays them billions to prevent the majority coming, France, demands the UK pays THEM millions or they will open the channel tunnels to 1,000s of illegals too, with friends like these who needs enemies?

EU27 have abandoned basic border security putting everyone at risk, albeit a few Baltic states are re-erecting borders and putting troops and fences there to keep the illegals out, they just funnel them upward to northern Europe and the UK instead, and, defying the EU own rules on 'freedom to roam' too, a rule they declared the UK cannot defy.  Whilst we remain in Europe we cannot bring our own government to book, or set up an effective border or protect our own people.  

For the USA hoping to capitalise on Trade a warning.  The UK won't take any old deal from them either.  For those who demand a people's vote, we say NO, it is a vote against democracy, it's London/MP/migrant-oriented and what is to prevent us all rejecting that democratically (!) and demanding endless re-runs?  Stop the EU we want to get off....NO DEAL.

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