Monday, 11 February 2019

A day at the BDA.

Warning,  (Paddy Ladd alert).  A real eye-opener into the chaotic working of the UK's premier sign language and culture-based charity.  With the first 42 mins a total blank screen and silence, and the incoherent rambling of the architect of Deafhood, who needed translation himself trying to fly a very limp flag of UK deaf culture there.

ATR noted a deaf questioner angry the BDA was over-focusing on its funded support areas and not enhancing its member base at all, via a BDA vlog that hardly included the deaf membership whilst advertising for more to join, and despite the charity being in debt like the AOHL is.  Less than 9% of all funds were directed at members or potential members. The Deaf still don't understand charity in the 21stc, where members are no longer the force charities need to drive them and takes second place to raising the money to exist.   Charities are no longer grassroots driven.  They don't need members except as the stat image in campaigns..

E.G. Whilst many deaf abandoned the RNID in the past because of their downgrading of the Deaf support areas, and the dubious sacking of the only signing CEO ever, the Deaf did not then migrate to their own culture charity in defiance but abandoned the concept of deaf charity to pursue rights agendas, only to find there was no unity of approach, and divisions over diversity and inclusive processes.  

Charity is a business and it is all about applying for grants and funding, that's it.  You could count the amount of deaf supporting them at this AGM, which should (but doesn't), cause concern about viability, then again the AOHL didn't make attending any easier by holding AGM's in London either, and their foray into social media access live (Which in retrospect was welcome from the BDA even if huge amounts of access failed to emerge), was a lesson they learned by them not to do again, because access means real questions are asked.  We saw despite streaming no real questions asked, apathy rules, or maybe no-one KNEW about the streaming!

They don't deserve to exist on the basis of what we saw.

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