Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Are we all Racists? (II)

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The perennial query about respecting difference.   Albeit including 'Audism' isn't helping it much! 

Are we all racists?  Yes we are ALL racist, and all manner of 'ists', 'ism's', and 'ics' too, most is fuelled by diversity demand and human nature.  

Is this inherently bad, or just the way we are?  One man's meat etc, it doesn't mean we are bad people, just expressing a choice what we like, and what we don't, the only criteria being no-one suffers by your hand. Reluctance to accept others can be primal, and the selecting of your mate for life e.g. is based on that, the primal response is also vital to suggestions of danger.  Instinct?  Can we block that and still feel safe?

But choice is everyone's, there are people I don't want to know, issues I don't agree with, religions I can do without, deaf people who I feel really need a dose of hearing to get some balance in their lives, and a fool is still a fool regardless of what colour they are, and I am sure many out there who disagree with that too. You can respect the view but you cannot force agreement with it. Not even a law can enforce an agreement, it would simply mean people would move the goal posts and leave 'minorities' and the 'different' to own devices, and in the process, probably create a reluctance to engage and annoyance. 'Cest La Vie' being the ultimate assassin of real access.  Pure Apathy.

Which defeats the whole point or equality, acceptance, or inclusion.  The more we demand respect of difference, the more marginalised, stereotypical we become, and the more labelled, 'different', and isolated because it affects inclusion as pure concept.  Some groupings you just will not join.  Hence the Deaf are Deaf and the deaf/HoH are deaf/HoH and the deaf-blind are......  Anyone who suggests this is the real image of unison would raise a few eyebrows. Co-existing isn't inclusion.

You would be constantly seeking some norm that isn't everyone else's.  Something has to give.  We will end up with 6B minorities all demanding own thing.  Perhaps a message to  'be careful what you wish for'I don't know anyone who wants to be the same as everyone else, do you?  Contention is life.

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