Friday, 8 February 2019

Deaf actress has to learn regional sign for role.

If she as a deaf signer cannot follow the regional accents, how accessible is the sign outside Glasgow to other deaf?

Deaf actress learns to sign in Glaswegian for hit BBC comedy Two Doors Down Actress Sophie Stone, 38, said British Sign Language differs from region to region, just like an accent. 

Deaf actress Sophie Stone had to learn to sign like a Glaswegian for her role in hit BBC comedy Two Doors Down. She plays Louise, an old friend of Joy McAvoy’s character Michelle, and appears in Monday’s episode – which is the last in the series. 

Sophie admitted she wanted to get the right regional dialect sign language for the show. Sophie, 38, who’s originally from London, said British Sign Language – BSL – has dialect influence, slang and phrases of its own from region to region, just like an accent. There were experts on set and a friend even gave her some Glaswegian insults he’d picked up from deaf clubs as a teenager. 

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