Monday, 4 February 2019

Deaf Children need English.

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Undeniable proof English is the primary way forward for the deaf.  What is surprising are claims it wasn't being used to educate our deaf children, what on earth have they been educating these kids with?  A millstone?  It's time these linguistic isolationists considered the futures of deaf children.  Whose bright idea was it to invent an alternative that would just handicap the deaf child for life?  Culture doesn't create jobs (Except for hearing interpreters, hearing teachers, hearing carers),  it doesn't even equip the deaf to do them.

Around 6,500 deaf children in the UK use English as an additional language. Without the right support, they can face a number of challenges which affect their development, confidence, school work and happiness. A new booklet and video are being launched with practical advice and strategies for teachers and education professionals to help children overcome these challenges and learn at the same pace as their hearing classmates.

These resources are free of charge and the National Deaf Children’s Society is urging all schools who work with these deaf children to use them. 20% of deaf children using English as an additional language achieved a grade 5 in both English and Maths in 2017. This compares to 29% of deaf children generally and 47% of all English as additional language users. Thousands of deaf children using English as an additional language are set to benefit from two new resources aimed at improving learning and overcoming exclusion.

The number of children using English as an additional language has more than doubled in the last decade to over 1.5 million, around 6,500 of whom are deaf.

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