Sunday, 17 February 2019

Entire neighbourhood learns sign for young deaf girl.

The whole neighborhood has decided to learn sign
Samantha is a lovely young girl and very neighbourly. She uses sign language to communicate with the people in her community. She is very friendly and likes to engage in conversation with anybody she meets. She would be totally a different person if somebody can communicate with her. 

She also becomes sad if people cannot communicate with her in sign language. Her neighbours have noticed her keen interest to communicate with people whenever she goes out for a stroll in the neighbourhood. The people also find themselves in a difficult situation when they are unable to communicate with little Sam. 

The whole neighbourhood has got together and decided to learn sign language. They have hired an instructor and are learning the sign language to communicate with the two-year-old Samantha Savitz. The whole neighbourhood has decided to learn to sign Their instructor Rhys McGovern finds it remarkable and said many times even the parents of deaf children do not bother to learn sign language. 

Nobody can force the entire community to learn sign language for one little deaf child. When the whole neighbourhood voluntarily decides to learn sign language to make little Sam feel part of the community is incredible. 

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