Monday, 18 February 2019

How to make a Million with BSL...

Ms Redstar set up her own business from home, offering sign language training to companies
I bet she welcomed an increase in A2W funding!  Of course, BSL awareness isn't hearing loss awareness, so you have to ask if the sales pitch is inclusive at all.

A deaf woman has claimed she will soon be a millionaire after setting up a sign language school from her own home. Katie Redstar, from Leeds, Yorkshire, became deaf after meningitis at the age of three and struggled to find work as an adult. 

She hit rock bottom when Job Centre advisers said she would never be employed. But refusing to live life without any ambitions, she set up a business in 2017, and said she signed contracts with six-figure companies and is, therefore, set to become a millionaire by April.  The entrepreneur, who has been visually impaired since birth and will soon be blind, has also signed a book deal. 

Among those who survive meningitis, approximately one in five will have permanent disabilities, such as brain damage, hearing loss, loss of kidney function or limb amputations, with hearing loss being the most common. Ms Redstar has also suffered from a rare degenerative disease that impaired her sight from birth, but said it is not clear what this disease is. 

Ms Redstar claims job centres told her she couldn't work and would have to stay on Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) for the rest of her life. She said: 'I was working in a charity shop, but I didn't feel appreciated. 'I told the Job Centre I wanted to work but they told me I couldn't because of my disabilities. 'A friend asked me if I was prepared to accept that, and I said no. 

'I had a vision for companies around the world to be accessible for deaf people.' After learning sign language at four years old, Ms Redstar said the special form of communication became one of her passions. Ms Redstar set up her own business from home, offering sign language training to companies including EE, in a bid to tear down barriers for other deaf people needing employment. 

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