Thursday, 21 February 2019

Promises, Promises..

Image result for promises promises humor(1)  I promise to not let anyone wind me up online this year, I've mined the comment slot, with more Trojans than the ancient Greeks can handle.....

(2)  I Promise to learn at least one sign a day in ASL and BSL, in order to break down communication barriers, today's sign is "shut it...!",  tomorrow's is "Talk to the hand.."

(3) I promise to read every word of Understanding Deafhood, and worship Paddy Ladd as the coming Messiah... After that perhaps War and Peace in Hindi, and understanding thermonuclear Dynamics, and hyper-critical proton technology for beginners handbook, for some light relief and more sense.

(4)  I promise to abstain from lip-reading for the coming year, I'm going to learn phrenology and do mind-reading instead...

(5)  I Promise NEVER to join an awareness group and ban deaf awareness from all my blogs. As IF anyone takes a blind bit of notice anyway.

(6)  I Promise to continue to abuse charity workers for their own good, they need a proper job.  Volunteers DON'T get paid, their CEO's are coining it, so it's a waste of time. Rewards are made in heaven, but they don't pay the rent here.

(7)   I Promise NEVER to plug the latest electronic gizmo/app/iphone for deaf people, they bore us rigid already, most are obsolete before we see them, and I don't want to know anyway, too many on the other end of them are a bit simple.

(8)  I Promise to poke fun at anyone deaf who quotes 'Facebook', 'social site' 'Instagram', 'Pinterest' or 'Twitter' on my blog, and to direct them to a psychiatrist for intensive shock treatment (Like meeting real people and utilising that hole under their nose..). 

(9)  I Promise to never take any notice of people who quote Wikipedia, I'd direct them to a proper source of information, (but they probably can't read, so its probably not relevant).

(10)  I Promise to annoy support service workers, and ridicule 'communication' classes based on who has the cash to be enrolled in them, and those most easily convinced all deaf sign.  They create more problems being de-commissioned than IS supporters.

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