Monday, 18 February 2019

Shhhh! It's a secret.

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"Why don't Hard of Hearing unite to further their cause for access and inclusion?"  More heartfelt (But apparently unsupported), demands for Hard of Hearing to take up access and support lobbying in earnest.

A cry in the deserted wilderness sadly, I don't know about the USA but the UK has no HoH campaigning area, no community, no inclusive approach to communication, and just one national charity even the deaf don't want to know about.   Any image is mostly about ear wax YUK!!

I'm coming round to the view HoH have cracked their issue with technology so access is hardly a problem for them anymore, the only underlying question is what (If any), social life do they have?  How does it function?  as they don't like deaf people, gravitate 'like with like', and HoH clubs are a rarity and poorly attended, and no such thing as a HoH 'community' exists, online versions are pointless, even the profile and lip-reading 'HoH flagship' classes are very poorly attended and the HoH don't persevere with them.  

Perhaps those who have  overcome hearing loss can tell us who they did it? let us all in on the cure?  I read complaints, I don't read anyone doing anything about them.    More importantly why the HoH don't feel it is necessary to lobby for better access for themselves? 10m people have cracked it and we don't know how.  Do tell!

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