Monday, 11 February 2019

Still unemployed after 1,000 rejections... Why?

CHANCE: Kellie Wilson believes she has not been offered jobs because she is deaf
Why do we feel there HAS to be more to this than the applicant being deaf?  ATR took ANY job rather than be unemployed, including stacking shelves in a supermarket and cleaning the road, why can't she?  Is there any point slagging of CI's as an excuse? other than scoring kudo points with the sign-using die-hards?  

The reality is a CI would not initially enhance her chances, she shows a lot of ignorance of the CI processes.  As ever the world revolves around hearing, and once you adapt to that things get a little easier.  

One suggests she has the wherewithal to complain, maybe if she was left with a more stark choice she could lower her sights a bit and get on the work ladder and prove the point.  Nobody is going to hire you just because you are deaf, you have to show a skill set and adaptability.  It looks like being adaptable is considered undermining her deafness.  So its principles before practicality.  Sadly that doesn't pay the rent.

Pointing out telephonic access isn't an issue would help, but demanding sign support and playing the deaf card will be a barrier.  It would be more relevant if we were to ask employers why they turned her down, it may not be because she was deaf.  It is about the person and willingness to adapt and also to show the potential, employers aren't there to enforce deaf rights.

"Kellie Wilson believes she has not been offered jobs because she is deaf. Kellie Wilson believes she has not been offered jobs because she is deaf  An IT worker is calling on employers to give her a chance after applying for 1,000 jobs in the past 18-months and being offered not one - she believes because she is deaf. Kellie Wilson, 32, is now considering going through an operation she is scared to have and which may not work just to give herself a chance in life. 

She has worked in the past in the court and prison services and in student loans but every application she has made since the summer of 2017 has failed. Her last job was with a temporary contract for the court service. Ms Wilson, from Middleton Tyas, near Richmond, is totally confident she can do the mostly administrative jobs she’s applied for, although she has also gone for pub, housekeeping and pot washing jobs. She said: “The only thing I cannot do is hear. My mind is sharp and I can lip read really well. 

“I am currently being assessed for a cochlear implant in the hopes of improving my situation. “I feel as though I have to change who I am in the face of ignorance. “I am contacted by companies saying they are happy with my CV and can I call them to chat or for a phone interview. “I explain why I cannot and offer to chat via email or Skype or text relay and either don’t hear back or am told that they do not have the facilities to chat in my suggested methods. “In interviews, if I struggle to understand what’s being said, I explain my disability. 

Then I get the reply ‘there’s a lot of phone work in this role’ or ‘we don’t think this role is the right fit for you’. She added: “I can easily do the jobs I apply for and wouldn’t apply if I could not. “I am just asking employers to give me a chance and treat me like other people.” 

Comment (Not by ATR):

While I feel sorry for her, you have to understand that businesses have requirements. If a business needs someone to take phone calls, why should they hire someone who can't hear? The army wouldn't recruit someone with no legs for obvious reasons. It's sad, but business are allowed to choose the best fit. 


But the Army does take deaf people.... and those with mobility issues, HoH too, away from front line duties that is.  Diversity doesn't just mean deaf people.

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