Friday, 1 February 2019

The hashtag has landed.

Image result for the hashtag humorLet us hope they can address the 'All deaf use sign language', and 'Deaf & HoH' are the same thing, or even 'The Deaf are not disabled people..' Or is it just another plug, like Deaf are this, and deaf are that?  If they want to address misconceptions and plain deliberate misinformation, and biased unawareness, maybe start there before going the mainstream? #timetoaddressthisnonsense

Communication Service for the Deaf (CSD) officially announced today its #DeafinMedia initiative, a multi-faceted campaign designed to increase the authentic representation of Deaf people in the media and challenge ongoing societal biases toward Deaf people.

#DeafinMedia highlights both damaging and positive representations of Deaf people in a multitude of media, including movies, books, television, journalism, video games and more. The #DeafinMedia campaign also provides media creators access to a variety of helpful resources, including a new media toolkit, so that they may avoid common mistakes and emulate positive portrayals of Deaf people while also providing a platform and strategies for the community to effect change. #DeafinMedia started in beta stage last November.

CSD is the world's largest Deaf-led social impact organization and for decades has served as a leading advocate to eliminate biases and misconceptions about people who are Deaf and what they are capable of achieving.

The inauthentic representation of Deaf people has serious, real-world implications. Portrayals of Deaf people as tragic figures, unintelligent and incapable can have a direct impact on hiring practices. According to CSD, approximately 70% of Deaf people today are unemployed or underemployed and a critical part of closing this severe job gap is challenging unconscious bias and modifying perceptions.

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