Sunday, 10 February 2019

To Emoji or not, why the question?

Would we or disabled USE them? The concept doesn't appear to relate to inclusion in a real sense, just another tier of 'labelling' to add to the plethora of stereotypes we already see (Like the deaf obsession with hands, and the wheelchair logo).  Adding different icons to ID individual issues is getting ridiculous.  It all plays into the 'diversity' thing that is creating more issues than it solves.    

Proper inclusion means nobody is identified as different.  It becomes an albatross around your neck if you play into it too much.  It also plays into the 'who am I?' scenarios creating more stress and isolation as you seek like with like and find.... there aren't any like you because you are an individual, just embrace it.  Wonder if they have a logo for 'I'm NOTHING like these people!'

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