Wednesday, 27 February 2019

We aren't being served

Image result for access all areasThe UK national hearing loss charity, (They haven't got around to recognising devolved government in the UK yet, despite it being the reality the last 22 years), has been asked why they keep advertising accessible events that are not accessible to HoH or non-signers?  

ATR asked why one highly publicised event noting BSL access did NOT state there was NO loop or text/captioned or lip-speaking, or content access for the HoH or deaf-blind?   Should they more honestly declare 'This event is for BSL people ONLY'?

Mainly the charity cannot reconcile the Deaf and  HoH remit with the reality it is neither accurate or real in the light of highly successful 'D' 4 Deaf campaigns that mostly shun access other than that signed.  The reality is HoH will see a BSL supported event as not one for them to attend, but struggling to see what events were.  

We had other examples where deaf complained a lip-spoken tour was discriminating against them.  The fact HoH have the view BSL is 'for them not us', may well be known to charities, but they should still cover access properly and state what ISN'T provided.  Are they just playing safe by not challenging the inequalities of singular BSL access? Yes.  Because the other areas are doing the same as they are.  Equal access has a lot to answer for.

ATR Wrote:

While sign users will welcome updates on events there does seem very few events that are text, loop, ipad, or lip-spoken assisted etc, can we see a more balanced event posting approach that is a bit more inclusive?   

We have noted many BSL assisted events do not include access for hard of hearing or non-signing areas, BSL, is also assumed to be a 'Deaf' assist and events aimed at them exclusively by many HoH areas, we need more details on access to identify if, it actually is there for us all.  BSL assisted events don't mean HoH associated mostly. When posting event updates let us have more detail on access please.

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