Thursday, 14 March 2019

BSL and the welsh Anthem.

MEMBERS of Pembrokeshire's Sign and Share Club celebrated St David’s Day by creating their own version of the Welsh National Anthem in British Sign Language. In an event packed with craft, bara brith and Welsh history, members learnt about the meaning of the national anthem and had the opportunity to learn how it could be signed. 

 The club was supported by local interpreter Suzanne Scale who said: “It was a pleasure working with Sign and Share Club and signing some Welsh history.” New member Linda Rawlinson added: “Welsh, deaf and proud! "I absolutely loved it and I’m so proud to be able to sign my national anthem with passion and confidence."

ATR:  Great Welsh singing, unsure if BSL cuts it as a translative medium 'though.  especially as they didn't use Welsh regional signs to give more authenticity to it.  Purists will see it as yet another 'English' portrayal of Welsh culture by default by using BSL you are endorsing English..

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