Sunday, 3 March 2019

Deaf Direct Funding Withdrawn.

A DEAF charity has said some of its most important services will suffer after the county council ended its £45,000 contract. 

Deaf Direct, based in Lowesmoor, has been dealt a significant blow after cash-strapped Worcestershire County Council withdrew all of its £44,750 funding to the city-based charity. The huge cut means the charity's telephone and translation service and its information and guidance service will be affected. 

Deaf Direct has maintained it will still be able to provide some services despite the “challenging” cuts. A spokesman for Deaf Direct said: “Deaf Direct management is concerned that the cuts will have a serious impact and detrimental effect on the deaf and hard of hearing communities. “Deaf Direct appreciates, and are in support of, Reverend David Southall’s recent blog and the aspirations of the Worcestershire Deaf Rights Group whose aim is to oppose the cuts imposed by Worcestershire County Council which will affect the provision of both information and advice and telephone and translation services that benefit deaf and hard of hearing people.” 

The contract between Worcestershire County Council and Deaf Direct comes to an end on March 31. The council said Worcester Citizens Advice Bureau would continue providing information and advice as well as interpreter services to those that need it.  

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