Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Deaf extremism and the attacks on the 'Cure'

Image result for NO cures!More social media concerns from the hard of hearing area regarding constant attacks by 'Deaf' extremists on alleviations, operations and research into cures.  Including a recent outrageous attack by a USA blogger who did not even read an item properly regarding a ground-breaking operation for a HEARING man, which the blogger turned into a 'Hearing attack on deaf culture.'' issue.

Social media posters responded immediately many were frankly abusive and hostile towards the deaf signer, BSL, and their culture ideal, although it was pointed out the pro-ASL/BSL extremists are a minority and unsupported within that community, it suggested the extremists were deliberately encouraging attacks on their own area to gather more support in defending culture  Some responses reprinted below seemed the most coherent.

"Yes I agree, these extremists need to be taken to task, it hasn't stopped one leading UK deaf blogger publishing opposition to a drug that may help people hear better being mooted as yet another assault on them, these people are worshipping deafness as a 'right' or something."

"The majority of those with hearing loss have adopted the live and let live attitude unaware of the very real opposition these people are mounting against alleviation, they are getting huge amounts of funding for cultural purposes and spreading the BSL news far and wide,  but the HoH here in the UK has NO viable or identifiable support set up at all, and the BSL own national support areas ignoring our inclusions altogether, who needs our support when the state is pouring money in to enhancing theirs? 

E.G. New Access to work help means the signer can now claim up to £1100 per WEEK ($1400), in support costs. A staggering amount of money that isn't actually empowering the deaf to integrate into the mainstream or work outside own areas.  Raising any concern lays HoH/Hearing wide open to claims they discriminate when they identify they are using the 'Deaf & HI' remit to own ends, it's causing resentment. We need to be more strident in getting what we need, if you don't ask, you go without it is as simple as that.  If we have to challenge cultural perceptions, so be it."

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