Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Jehovah Witness' targeting the deaf.

I'm not a fan of DeafYou but must unite with them in the view these people are a direct threat to deaf and other vulnerable people. 

Over many years the UK deaf have been targeted too and using sign language to get in deaf people's homes to indoctrinate them, playing on their isolation.   Welsh JW bases centre around the Pontypridd area. These people are highly organised and know exactly how to approach people deaf.  They appear to knock on doors KNOWING there are deaf inside too, where do they get this information?  Deaf clubs have banned them attending.

It is believed the JW encourage those deaf converted to talk about deaf friends at clubs even to ask where they live.  ATR's own home was targeted and they still come to the door despite being told we have no wish to adopt their religious view or area.  It is the persistent and relentless approach that undermines a deaf resolve to prevent them coming, no matter how you explain, be it forcibly! or to give them the benefit of a polite no thank you, they keep coming.

They assume being polite as meaning OK but you need to tell me more! Some deaf get frightened and won't open the door and feel unable to complain or prevent these relentless cold callers targetting them.  Police seem to adopt the 'They are harmless' view they have not broken any law etc....  The very worse thing you can do is keep the door open after telling them thanks but no thanks.  They will hang around for ages, they ask for or give deaf e-mail contact to you, they will ask what issues, addresses, or names your family has because if they can not get at you they can target someone else in your family.

There are in ATR's view serious issues about the database the JW have which contain much personal info regarding those they managed to convert and also gained extra data on other friends and family in the process.  Which is illegal.    Apart from using such data to target those people, there are concerns about what other things they are doing with that data gained from vulnerable people who may not realise what they were asking for during their 'empathy' with own issue.

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