Saturday, 13 April 2019

The EU lies exposed.

ATR saw this on social media, and the response it generated.

"The real cost of these 'advantages' is complete control from Brussels by Germany and France, so the price is too high for me. 

With no borders a real threat to us all personally as well. The item suggests we get something for free, there is NO such thing. The EU has done most of this via charging the UK £Billions every year, again not exactly freebies! They have made a huge profit via trade on us too, the idea of this federalism is to asset strip member states. 

Only 6 of them had the wherewithal, the rest rely on handouts. Probably those other 22 are getting the most benefit, when did the UK become a major charity financing Europe? Or sending £14.2B a year to the rest of the world, no wonder we are in permanent austerity, and most of the EU member states bordering the Med are in dire straits too. 

The money we pay the EU is money stolen from our poor, our sick and our disabled, 120,000 who paid the ultimate price, they are dead, and our government, in order to feed this ravenous and greedy European beast, demonises them to justify it.  If we complain we are labelled racists, stupids, and out of our heads apparently. We MUST leave."

Breaking News: EU demands Swiss vote re-run again to overrule a majority decision.

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